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Is there a risk of death from taking a nap for too long? "4 don't" for naps, remember

Posting time:2022-12-03 08:58:08

Is there a risk of death from taking a nap for too long? "4 don't" for naps, remember

Many people in life have the habit of taking naps. If they don’t rest for a while in the afternoon, they feel uninspired in the afternoon. However, you must also master the method of taking a nap. If you don’t pay attention to the relevant details, you will always make mistakes, and it will be difficult to obtain benefits. Instead, you will have health problems after taking a long nap. Many people say that uncontrolled nap time will increase the risk of death. Is it true? Many people don’t pay attention to time control when taking a nap. They feel that they don’t need to get up reluctantly to sleep soundly. In fact, naps are time-controlled, generally no more than an hour. Long naps do increase the risk of death. Long periods of sleep with little physical activity can destabilize multiple metrics. If you have developed chronic diseases, or are already overweight, taking a long nap for a long time is more dangerous, and you need to pay attention to time control. What are the four dos and don'ts for taking a nap?

1. Don't eat a full meal and go to bed in the morning

There are some points you should understand when taking a nap, for example, don't go to bed immediately after a full meal nap. As the name suggests, a nap is to sleep after noon, but it needs to be separated from lunch for a period of time. After lunch, you can exercise properly, which can make the intestinal peristalsis faster and accelerate the absorption of nutrients. Don't go to bed directly, otherwise the stomach will be busy with digestion, and you will feel very full, and you will not be able to sleep. In addition, the posture changes during sleep, and there may be reflux. Therefore, it is best to eat lunch at an interval of more than half an hour. go to sleep.

2. Do not lie on the table to sleep

Do not lie directly on the table to sleep. Some people can barely lie on the table because their sleeping conditions are not so good, but this kind of sleep behavior for a long time not only makes it difficult to enter a deep sleep state, but also causes the cervical and lumbar vertebrae to bend greatly due to lying on the table. Waking up with pain and discomfort in these areas. In addition, most people use their arms as pillows when they fall asleep on their stomachs, rest their heads on the arms, and press the arms for a long time, the blood circulation cannot be maintained well, and they will feel numb. This behavior is not advisable.

3. Don't sleep too long

It's good to take a nap, but don't take a long nap. Some people think that it is better to sleep a little longer, so they do not set an alarm clock, but let themselves sleep as long as they want. However, they do not know that taking a long nap will affect the quality of sleep at night, causing day and night to be reversed. And sleep too long, less activity during the day, is not conducive to blood circulation, and may also consume calories slowly and gain weight.

4. Don’t play with mobile phones before going to bed

Some people are dependent on mobile phones, even before going to bed, they have to play mobile phones for a while to read information and play games. Unconsciously wasting a lot of time. After using the mobile phone, I am attracted by the various contents in it, and I am in a state of nervous excitement. There is no drowsiness, and I will not be able to fall asleep in the afternoon. They are in a half-sleep and half-awake state and cannot get a good rest. Some people will feel dizzy and uncomfortable after waking up. To stay healthy and improve your nap quality, don't use your phone before bed.

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