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Dandelion can kill cancer cells, cure thyroid cancer, is it true? tell you the answer

Posting time:2023-01-31 11:10:17

Dandelion can kill cancer cells, cure thyroid cancer, is it true? tell you the answer

After the disease occurs, go to the hospital for a detailed examination, understand the disease situation and then choose the best treatment method, in order to control the disease and reduce damage. Some people are targeted by cancer and will use various methods to kill cancer cells after they become ill. Some people do not choose conventional methods for treatment, but use dandelion to soak in water to drink, thinking that dandelion can kill cancer cells and adjuvant therapy Thyroid cancer, is this approach reliable? As a perennial herb, dandelion is very common in the wild and has certain medicinal value. In recent years, many claims have claimed that dandelion has anti-cancer effects, but whether dandelion has this effect needs to continue to be studied and discussed. At present, there is no direct use of dandelion to treat thyroid cancer. Don't use the soil method indiscriminately. Although dandelion can clear heat, detoxify, and disperse knots, it has little effect on thyroid cancer alone, and has not been clinically proven. How to deal with thyroid cancer?

1. Correct treatment

You need to know how to deal with thyroid cancer, but don't make mistakes, go to the hospital for detailed Examination, you can understand the type of thyroid cancer, the degree of deterioration of different cancers is different, and there are differences in the choice of treatment methods. Thyroid cancer includes various pathological types such as papillary carcinoma, anaplastic carcinoma, and follicular carcinoma, among which papillary carcinoma has a better prognosis. Therefore, it is not possible to simply judge the disease by yourself and take medicine by yourself. You need to follow the doctor's advice. If you need to actively cooperate with surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the future, you can control the disease faster.

2. Pay attention to diet

After the appearance of thyroid cancer, you need to master the method of diet, choose the right food to provide nutrients, in order to reduce stimulation and protect the thyroid. Some people have already developed local cancer. A high-calorie diet for a long time, in addition to gaining weight, can easily provide too much energy to the development of cancer cells, and there is a risk of exacerbation of the disease. In addition, some thyroid cancer invasion is related to the intake of excessive iodine-rich foods in the diet. At this time, you should stay away from foods rich in this substance. Of course, spicy foods are irritating and are not conducive to the improvement of the disease. It is necessary to properly avoid food after being ill, and the nutrients needed by the human body can be provided in time.

3. Regulate your emotions

Regulating your emotions is a point to pay attention to when dealing with thyroid cancer. Because the thyroid gland is an endocrine organ, whether its function is normal or not is related to emotions and mentality. If you are negative after the disease, negative emotions will always arise, and you will be in a state of pessimism, depression, and anxiety all day long, which will interfere with the endocrine and affect the secretion of thyroid hormones, which may aggravate the disease. If you are already sick, you should maintain a calm attitude, be optimistic, and be positive. How to take care of yourself in the follow-up, follow the doctor's advice for treatment, and don't let yourself get into trouble.

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