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Children's foreskin, to cut or not to cut? After parents understand these 3 points, they will not be entangled.

Posting time:2023-01-31 13:34:46

Children's foreskin, to cut or not to cut? After parents understand these 3 points, they will not be entangled.

There is a lot of knowledge that parents need to know about circumcision. Many people don’t know that. Therefore, when they hear other people’s children being circumcised, they blindly follow the trend, thinking that as long as they are boys, they must be circumcised. Who knows when they go to the hospital for examination, Doctors told their children that this condition does not require surgery. What knowledge points need to be mastered? Below is the analysis.

1. What are foreskin and phimosis?

Not all boys need to be circumcised. If there is no circumcision or phimosis, surgery is not required. Hyperforeskin is when the foreskin covers the urethral opening and can be turned up above the coronal sulcus, exposing the urethral opening and the glans of the penis. Some people have phimosis, which means that the foreskin cannot be turned up above the coronal sulcus, and the glans of the penis cannot be fully exposed. There are differences between these two situations, and the methods of coping are also different. It is necessary to check to understand the specific situation of the child, and then choose the appropriate means to deal with it.

2. Is there any harm if the foreskin is too long without treatment?

Excessive foreskin and phimosis for a long time are harmful. If you don't know why and don't choose a suitable treatment method, many hidden dangers will be buried over time. Among them, abnormal urination is one of the hazards, especially for children with phimosis. The opening of the urethra is narrow, and the foreskin cavity will expand due to the accumulation of urine. In addition, if the penis wants to develop normally, the foreskin must be too long or the phimosis should be dealt with in time, otherwise it will cause the male penis to be short. There are still many people with local bacterial growth and accumulation of smegma, which is related to the foreskin being too long and not being treated in time. If the cleaning is not clean, these dirt will increase and the bacterial growth will increase without cleaning. Follow-up will increase the prevalence of various diseases, including balanitis, urinary tract infection.

3. How should I care for after surgery?

If the foreskin is too long and needs to be operated, the same points should be paid attention to after the operation, so as to take proper care and recover as soon as possible. Among them, do not take a bath for a short time after the operation to avoid infection and bacterial growth after the wound gets wet. In addition, there will be local secretions within a few days after the operation. As a normal situation, when there is a lot of secretions, you can wipe with a cotton swab to keep the wound dry and hygienic. In terms of wearing clothes, you should also choose looser, more comfortable ones to reduce friction and irritation. You can't do strenuous exercise in a short time, you should rest properly, so as to prevent the wound from being rubbed and painful and bleeding. From the above content, it can be found that there is a lot that parents need to know about the circumcision of their children, such as when surgery is required, and do not mistakenly think that boys must be circumcised when they reach a certain age. Of course, if the problem is solved as soon as possible, the body can stay healthy. Post-operative care is done well, and the recovery speed is also accelerated.

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