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High myopia should pay attention to the changes in this part

Posting time:2023-01-31 11:31:05

High myopia should pay attention to the changes in this part

After myopia, there will be some obvious changes. For example, seeing in the distance is blurry, the world becomes hazy; glasses become shackles, placed on the bridge of the nose; eyeballs become protruding... In addition to these, there are also parts that you can't see changing, that is, the fundus of the eyes . The essence of myopia is the growth of the eye axis. What is the eye axis? We can understand it as the diameter of the eyeball. The axial length of a normal person is about 24mm. Myopia will cause the diameter of the eyeball to continuously elongate. Some patients with high myopia have an axial length of 28-29mm, or even more than 30mm. The eyeball is continuously stretched and swelled and eventually deformed, the wall of the eyeball becomes thinner, and lesions are easily found in the tissues of the eye. High myopia is prone to complications, which can cause serious damage to vision, such as vitreous lesions, macular hemorrhage, macular hole, retinal detachment, etc. So how to avoid the complications of high myopia? 1. The development of controlling the degree of myopia is mainly done in the following aspects: (1) Reduce the time spent with the eyes, which is also the foundation of controlling the development of myopia. However, due to the needs of work and study, it is difficult for many people to do it. (2) Use your eyes reasonably, and it is unavoidable to use mobile phones and computers, so it is best to rest for a few minutes every 40 minutes or so of eye use. (3) Appropriately looking from afar, far-sighted is more useful for adjusting and relaxing the eye muscles. (4) More outdoor activities, light can promote the release of dopamine from the retina of the fundus, and dopamine can slow down the extension of the eye axis, thereby preventing myopia, so you can go to outdoor running, cycling, walking, etc. (5) Some myopia prevention and control programs can be adopted to intervene in the deepening of myopia. 2. Avoid strenuous exercise. The higher the degree of myopia, the longer the axial length of the eye, the thinner the eyeball wall, and the fragile retina. If there is an external force, it is easy to break through, such as playing basketball, football, diving, bungee jumping There is a higher risk of retinal detachment during strenuous exercise. Shilijia recommends that people with high myopia, especially those with super high myopia, choose sports with small movements and low frequency, such as walking and jogging. 3. Regular fundus examinations Because the structure of the eyes of people with high myopia has changed, the eyeballs gradually expand and become larger and longer, so the fundus is more prone to lesions. Shilijia recommends that people with high myopia should check their fundus, intraocular pressure, and visual field at least once a year, especially those who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, and vascular disease at the same time.

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