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Children's walking in the eight characters may be related to these 3 small habits, 4 methods to help improve

Posting time:2023-03-24 16:20:40

Children's walking in the eight characters may be related to these 3 small habits, 4 methods to help improve

When the child walks, many parents find that their child will squat when walking, or even "fight" with two feet, which makes parents anxious, for fear that the child will accidentally trip over himself, and even make the parents think about it. What I understand is that the child has just started to walk, why does he have the eight characters? Is it natural. One of the reasons for the child's appearance of the inner eight characters when walking is physiological, which is related to the position of the child in the mother's belly. Due to the limited space in the mother's womb, the baby is curled up most of the time, and so are the legs. This special position causes the baby to have an inward button-like shape after birth, which is unavoidable. The other is pathological reasons, such as hip dysplasia, bone dysplasia, metabolic bone disease, cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular diseases, which will cause children to have internal stigma. This is directly to the hospital for treatment, follow the doctor's advice. In addition, the following three situations will also exacerbate the situation in the child: Kneeling and sitting: Most children like to sit on their knees and put their butt on their calf when they are playing. Because the child's ligaments are relatively loose, kneeling and sitting for a long time will have a certain impact on the child's leg shape, making the child's walk appear inward. Some serious ones will also affect the development of the spine, resulting in a hunchback phenomenon. "W" sitting position: Many little girls like to sit like this, but sitting like this for a long time will not only affect the shape of the legs, but also affect the development of the child's back and pelvis, as well as the balance of the body. Sleeping on the tummy: Many children like to sleep on the tummy. Sleeping on the tummy for a long time not only affects the shape of the legs, but also has many disadvantages. For example, it will compress the chest cavity, causing chest tightness and difficulty breathing; it will affect facial development, stimulate salivary glands, and cause drooling at night; it will cause neck discomfort and torticollis. Therefore, parents should help their children to correct some wrong sitting and sleeping positions in time. Because incorrect posture will make the child's internal eight characters more and more serious. You can change from kneeling and "W" sitting to sitting cross-legged, and sleeping on your stomach to sleeping on your side or on your back.

Do you need to correct your child's squatting while walking?

However, parents can rest assured that most children's squatting when they are young is physiological, and it is harmful to the child's health. No effect, no need to go to the hospital for correction. There is generally no pain during walking, and it will not affect the child's growth and development. As the child grows, develops and grows up, usually pay attention to develop a good sitting and sleeping position. This situation will gradually improve and rarely last until puberty. As most parents have observed, many children under the age of 4 have the phenomenon of walking inside, but children after the age of 4 have significantly reduced the phenomenon of walking inside, and adults are even more rare. few. Of course, if the following two situations occur, parents should pay attention and go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. ▶As the child grows up, the situation of walking inside the horoscope has not only not improved, but has become more and more serious. ▶As the child grows up, there are knee "fights", leg pain, foot pain, etc. when walking.

Children walking inside the horoscope, what measures can be taken to intervene

Although most children walking on the horoscope has no effect on their health or growth, it does It affects the appearance, and parents will be more anxious because of this. The following measures can be taken to help children improve their walking posture. Comparing with the child to walk in a straight line: Parents can stick a long straight line at home, and walk with the child in a straight line. When walking, pay attention to the child's toes and heels to follow the straight line. You can walk back and forth several times a day. Compare jumping with children: When jumping, pay attention to keeping your feet together, and you can jump back and forth, back and forth, left and right. You can just jump forward or just backward at first, and then slowly increase the difficulty. Standing with the child: When standing, the heels of the feet are close together and the toes are separated, forming a 90-degree angle, which will last longer than anyone else. You can take your kids to play this game more often. Compete with children to clip things: Let the children sit on a stool with feet that can reach the ground, and then use their legs to clip things, which can be a piece of paper, a book, a card, etc. The start time can be shorter and gradually increase the clip time. Finally, parents can take their children to play outdoors more, sit cross-legged on the lawn with their children, and feel the beauty of nature. You can also let your child ride a bicycle outdoors, which not only exercises the body but also releases the child's nature.

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