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3 simple steps to teach you to tell whether your baby is constipated or constipated

Posting time:2023-01-31 05:27:02

3 simple steps to teach you to tell whether your baby is constipated or constipated

When it is found that the baby has not pulled for several days, and some even do not pull for a week, I believe that mothers will rarely calm down as usual. So the baby does not have a bowel movement for a few days, is this situation constipation or a stomach? Parents must also be distressed and don’t know how to tell the difference. Today we will teach you how to do these two.

What the heck is a belly?

Saving the stomach is actually just a folk saying, and there is no such saying in modern medicine. In layman's terms, some babies change their bowel movements after the full moon. From the original phenomenon of pulling several times a day to not pulling once in a few days, it can be said that saving the stomach is basically the "patent" of the baby who is exclusively breastfed within 6 months. Why do you say that? This is because the baby's digestive ability improves after one month, and can fully digest and absorb breast milk. In this way, less food residue is produced every day, and it is not enough to stimulate the rectum to form poop, so it takes 2-3 days or 4-5 days to accumulate, and then only one bowel movement, so the bowel movement is naturally normal. Soft yellow stools. The characteristic of saving stomach is that the baby's defecation interval is relatively long, but the baby's defecation is not difficult, just like normal defecation, there is no dry stool phenomenon. Therefore, this tummy tuck is not a disease, but a physiological phenomenon, which is a manifestation of the improvement of the baby's digestive ability, which proves that the child's intestinal function has gone a step further. Therefore, parents should not worry too much and do not need to do any special intervention and treatment.

Three steps to determine whether it is constipation or constipation?

Then how to judge constipation? Mothers find that their baby does not have a bowel movement for 3-5 days, and sometimes even longer, which most people think is constipation. After all, constipation is the same as belly saving, and the interval is also very long. These two are too easy to confuse, and if the care is not proper, the baby will suffer. In fact, it is very easy to judge the two seriously. If you save your stomach, you have nothing to pull, and if you want to pull out constipation, it is recommended that you can judge from three aspects: 1. Look at the mental state of the baby: if the baby eats and drinks as usual If there is no difference, it is saving belly. If your baby has been unable to pull out, and appears to be struggling, painful, very irritable, cries easily, and is feeding much less milk than usual, it is constipation. 2. Look at the characteristics of the stool: the stool of the baby with a belly is the same as normal, either yellow soft stool or yellow paste. However, most of the constipated babies pulled out are granular, thick, dry and hard, dark in color, and some with bloodshot or mucus. This is because the hard feces rubbed the intestinal conjunctiva, and the large and hard stools can also cause anal fissures and anal pain. The baby's stomach may feel a lump, and the bloated stomach may easily cause the child to lose appetite. 3. Look at the performance of pooping: the child with a belly pooping is the same as normal, and there is no painful expression. Children with constipation sometimes have flushed faces, and sweat profusely because of pulling the cake harder. These are all things that can be seen with the naked eye. The above three points, the baby's mental state and defecation performance will be more important than the appearance of the stool, parents should pay attention to daily observation. Generally speaking, saving a belly is actually a good judgment. The baby is happily eating and drinking and pulling well, and most of it is a belly. In addition, babies who have not been supplemented with complementary food within 6 months are basically sagging their stomachs and have less real constipation.

Baby constipation prevention

The baby's stomach does not need any treatment, and it will gradually improve. If mothers are still worried, in addition to waiting quietly, they can also do what they can to help their babies adjust their bowel habits and prevent constipation. 1. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits Generally speaking, baby constipation is caused by too little water and dietary fiber intake. Within 6 months, the baby is mainly milk and does not need additional water, but pay attention to it after adding complementary food. In addition to drinking water, you can let your baby eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains to increase dietary fiber. For example, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, sweet corn, mushrooms, kiwi, dragon fruit, mulberries, etc. Most of these vegetables and fruits can promote colon movement and prevent constipation! In addition, it should be noted that observe more whether the baby has food allergies. If there is, stop feeding immediately! 2. Increase the amount of milk to save the stomach, indicating that the current amount of breast milk may not be enough for the baby. You can increase the amount of milk appropriately to better stimulate the baby's gastrointestinal motility and ensure the baby's metabolic needs. 3. Abdominal massage Mothers can also massage their baby's abdomen more often. The operation is also very simple: center on the baby's navel, gently press the abdomen with the palm of your hand, massage counterclockwise at least 10 times, and then rest for 5 minutes. Continue to massage 10 times, it is recommended to do 3-5 times. In short, being a mother has a glass heart, and it is inconvenient to face the baby for many days. If you really don’t know the judgment and don’t feel relieved, then it’s okay to go to the doctor, at least the big stone in your heart can fall!

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