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After "Auntie" leaves, how long can I have the same room? Before this time, you must know how to refuse

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After "Auntie" leaves, how long can I have the same room? Before this time, you must know how to refuse

It is very important for women to pay attention to maintenance during their menstrual period, because in the menstrual period, in addition to menstrual flow becoming weak, some people will also suffer from fatigue, decreased appetite, and dysmenorrhea. It is necessary to maintain a good lifestyle so that they can relax physically and mentally. However, some women want to have sex, but they don't know how long they can have sex after menstruation ends. They dare not have sex during their menstrual period, and they suppress their desire to release for a long time. Let's learn more about it. Women cannot have intercourse during the menstrual period, so as to avoid vaginal menstrual flow, which is prone to bacterial proliferation, thereby increasing the prevalence of gynecological diseases. It is not advisable to have intercourse immediately after the session just ended. Some women still have a small amount of menstrual flow, and they have to wait for a while. In general, menstrual periods are completely clean and normal sex life can be achieved, but to improve the safety factor, make reasonable arrangements for intercourse three to seven days after the end of menstruation. In this way, physical needs can be met and mutual feelings can be enhanced. Don’t be too impatient. . What are the precautions for female intercourse?

1. Pay attention to hygiene in private parts

If you want to have sex after menstruation, you should pay attention to hygiene issues, especially the cleaning of private parts. it is good. Many people have misunderstandings, thinking that there is no menstrual flow from the vagina after menstruation, and the sanitary conditions are not poor. However, they do not know that there is also accumulation of dirt and sweat in the private parts of daily activities, which is easy to provide a breeding ground for bacteria. In the hot summer, the amount of bacteria in the private parts that are active all day long is unimaginable. Therefore, it should be reasonably cleaned before and after sex, and the parts should be kept dry and hygienic. In addition to improving the quality of sexual life, it can also improve the safety factor to avoid cross-infection and let certain diseases invade.

2. Don't have frequent intercourse

Although both men and women have sexual impulses, they should know how to adjust, arrange their sex life reasonably, and control the frequency well, not because of strong sexual desire And overindulgence. Excessive indulgence will cause great harm to the body. In addition to consuming physical strength, it will also easily damage the vaginal mucosa in the case of frequent sexual life, and the risk of gynecological diseases will increase over time. If the time of intercourse can be reasonably arranged, and the frequency of intercourse can not only meet the physiological needs, but also have a high-quality married life, and at the same time regulate the endocrine and reduce the prevalence of diseases, this is the correct way.

3. Rational use of condoms

Condoms should be used reasonably during sexual life. Condoms are not only used for contraception. Even if you are infertile, you can also use condoms. a way to reduce the prevalence of various diseases. Because the risk of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases is greatly reduced after the use of condoms, some people do not pay attention to this problem and think that condoms can only be used for contraception. source. Once sick, the impact on health is significant.

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