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How fast can cancer metastasize? When cancer cells "run around", most of them have these 4 abnormalities

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How fast can cancer metastasize? When cancer cells "run around", most of them have these 4 abnormalities

The reason why cancer is scary is that cancer cells will continue to metastasize and spread. The disease can be transferred to other parts through the blood and lymph at a certain stage, and there are multiple lesions in the body at the same time. It is very difficult to control, and it will bring many diseases. These complications threaten the life and health of patients, therefore, cancer prevention measures should be taken seriously. In addition, knowledge about cancer should be understood, especially the way of metastasis and the speed of metastasis. Many people don't know how fast cancer metastasizes. They feel that there is a lesion in a certain part at the beginning, and it takes a long time for cancer cells to spread to other parts. Therefore, it does not matter if it is not detected and treated in time. In fact, the metastasis speed of cancer cells is very fast. It only takes three seconds to quickly transfer from the blood to other parts. There are many ways, such as bone, lymph, and blood. The speed of metastasis is affected to varying degrees depending on the type of cancer, when it was discovered, and how it was treated. What are the symptoms of cancer metastasis?

1. Pain

There are many changes in the body of cancer metastasis, such as bone pain in multiple parts, which requires vigilance. Bone pain is mostly caused by the spread of cancer cells to other places through bone metastases, so the bones in many parts of the body will continue to be painful. In addition, cancer cells colonize other organs, and there will be corresponding pain in this area. Lung cancer is characterized by chest pain, and liver cancer is characterized by dull pain and dull pain in the liver area.

2. Fever

Continuous fever, abnormal body temperature for unknown reasons, may be a warning of cancer cell metastasis. Because the tumor develops relatively fast and the number of cancer cells is increasing, it will face the situation of tumor tissue necrosis, tumor metabolites entering the blood, etc. In the process of metastasis, multiple lesions will be caused, and there will be inflammation, infection, etc. Therefore, The temperature is abnormal. If cancer has already appeared, and the body is often feverish at the same time, it is necessary to suspect cancer cell metastasis.

3. Great weight loss

The weight of normal people will remain within a certain range, and the fluctuation range is not large, and most patients after cancer have been treated And the long-term disease affects the weight loss and becomes thin, and the development of these cancer cells will also absorb the nutrients needed by the normal cells of the body. Once cancer cells metastasize, spread, and foci become more and more numerous, the number of cancer cells is constantly changing, energy and nutrients are robbed, and weight loss is more pronounced.

4. Swollen lymph nodes

Pay more attention to changes in the body, and be vigilant if you find swollen lymph nodes in a certain area. Lymph node is the key area for tumor metastasis, among which the neck, collarbone, groin and other parts have obvious lymph node enlargement performance, and cancer is developing, which may be a hint of metastasis. At this time, cancer cells will metastasize to other sites through lymphoid tissue, and these lymphatic systems are involved, usually swelling, and sometimes superficial lymph nodes can be felt significantly larger by touch.

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