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Can hepatitis B heal itself? These 4 indicators have returned to normal, indicating that the condition is improving

Posting time:2022-12-03 09:07:13

Can hepatitis B heal itself? These 4 indicators have returned to normal, indicating that the condition is improving

As a disease caused by the invasion of hepatitis B virus, hepatitis B needs to be properly treated after the disease, and the damage can be reduced by controlling the virus. Otherwise, liver cells will continue to be damaged, and it may cause liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer. It can be seen that the disease is detected early. Treatment can stabilize the condition as soon as possible. In addition, many people do not know whether hepatitis B can be cured on its own, let's find out. Judging from the current medical level, diseases caused by hepatitis B virus invasion cannot achieve the purpose of complete self-healing, especially chronic hepatitis B. However, many patients with acute hepatitis B can achieve clinical cure after effective treatment, the virus is controlled, the damage to the liver is reduced, other complications can be prevented, the pathogenic factors are eliminated, the body immunity is improved, and liver cells are not damaged. , may gradually restore normal liver function. If these 4 indicators have returned to normal, congratulations

1. Skin color has returned to normal

Some indicators have returned to normal, indicating that the liver is affected by The reduction of the damage is a good development. For example, the abnormality of the skin begins to improve, and the skin color gradually returns to normal, which is a sign of the improvement of the disease. After liver disease, many people have cell degeneration and necrosis, and the release of bilirubin into the blood increases, which can cause jaundice, resulting in a change in skin color, characterized by chlorosis of the skin and liver disease. After the hepatitis B is controlled, the liver cells will not be damaged, the function will gradually improve, and the skin color will recover well, giving people the feeling of rosy complexion and luster.

2. Improved Digestion Ability

Enhanced digestive ability, normal digestion and absorption of nutrients in food, is a manifestation of gradual recovery. People with proper maintenance will pay attention to early detection and treatment of diseases, and at the same time change unhealthy lifestyles. After the emergence of hepatitis B, many patients have reduced liver function and affect bile secretion, poor digestion, indigestion, and even diarrhea. After correct treatment, the condition is controlled, the liver function is enhanced, and the abnormal defecation is improved after the recovery of good digestive ability.

3. Good mental state

The mental state has recovered well, and this indicator can help you understand the control of hepatitis B. Correct response after the disease occurs, the liver will be less affected, and it can function normally to participate in protein synthesis and excretion of harmful substances, so the required energy can be utilized and obtained in time, and the patient's mental outlook is getting better and better, and it is not easy to get tired and lethargic. . Once the disease is not properly dealt with, the liver is obviously damaged, and the mental state may get worse and worse.

4. Appetite returns to normal

Good appetite is restored, three meals can be taken regularly and on time, and nutrients and energy are provided in time, which is a sign of disease improvement . After the continuous development of hepatitis B, many people have damaged organs, and their digestive ability has deteriorated, and even their appetite has also been reduced. The hepatitis B virus is under control, and the appetite can recover well after the condition improves.

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