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These 5 kinds of changes appear in the body inexplicably

Posting time:2022-12-03 09:29:52

These 5 kinds of changes appear in the body inexplicably

Cancer is a type of malignant tumor originating from epithelial tissue under the combined action of various carcinogenic factors. The causes of cancer are divided into endogenous and exogenous, and endogenous refers to endocrine factors, immune factors and genetic factors. The exogenous refers to wrong living habits, occupational factors, environmental pollution, and some chronic stimuli and trauma. The mortality rate of cancer is relatively high, which is related to the lack of obvious early symptoms of cancer. Untreated cancer in its early stages can lead to death due to multiple organ failure. Therefore, it is very important to detect early symptoms of cancer, so what changes will occur in the body when you have cancer? 1. Abnormal bleeding During the growth process of the tumor, some rupture and hemorrhage will occur due to its own growth rate too fast. In addition, the invasive growth of tumor tissue will invade the surrounding capillaries and rupture the blood vessels, which will lead to the symptoms of abnormal bleeding in patients. For example, when suffering from lung cancer, there will be blood in the sputum or hemoptysis. When suffering from some gastrointestinal cancers, it will show the phenomenon of blood in the stool. If you have kidney or prostate cancer, you can have blood in your urine. And women with some gynecological cancers such as cervical cancer will show abnormal vaginal bleeding. When suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer, abnormal nosebleeds occur. 2. Repeated pain Pain is also one of the most obvious and important manifestations of cancer. For example, when there is chest pain, back pain, abdominal pain, and waist pain or repeated pain in various other parts, one should be vigilant. It is very likely that cancer is coming. performance at the time. Because cancer cells in the process of growth, will not only stimulate the organs where they are located, but also invade some adjacent organs and tissues, so that patients have different degrees of pain. This pain doesn't change with some medication, it just gets worse as the condition progresses. 3. Body lumps Most of the cancers will cause some body lumps in patients. For example, when you have breast cancer, there will be lumps in the patient's breast. In addition, when you have liver cancer, bowel cancer, or some women's gynecological cancer, you will feel some lumps in the upper abdomen or lower abdomen. These lumps are mostly painless and poorly mobile. Fourth, low-grade fever When suffering from cancer, the patient will have repeated low-grade fever, which is also called tumor fever. This is because when the tumor grows, it will release some necrosis factors, which will cause the body to heat up. The temperature is maintained between 37.5 and 38 degrees, generally not exceeding 38 degrees. And the phenomenon of low-grade fever will appear repeatedly, and has a certain intermittent. 5. Loss of appetite When most cancers appear, patients will experience a series of gastrointestinal discomforts, such as oil sickness, abdominal pain, nausea and other problems. These problems can lead to a rapid decrease in the patient's appetite, and when the appetite decreases, the patient will experience significant body weight loss. All in all, when you have cancer, the tumor invades the patient's organs and nearby tissues, causing the patient to have a series of symptoms. These symptoms will make the patient's mental state very poor, and will also show a series of symptoms such as physical fatigue for a long time. Therefore, once the above symptoms appear, you must seek medical attention quickly. If it is caused by cancer, only early treatment can protect the health and life of the patient to the greatest extent.

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