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Shi Lijia: My child is short-sighted, should he sit in the front row?

Posting time:2022-12-03 04:11:14

Shi Lijia: My child is short-sighted, should he sit in the front row?

Many parents like to let teachers arrange their children's seats in the front row. In fact, not all children need to sit in the front row. When the child cannot see the blackboard clearly, it means that the child is nearsighted. At this time, the child's seat was changed to the front row. Although the child could see the blackboard clearly, his myopia was not controlled. When the child can't see the blackboard clearly again, the degree of myopia has deepened, and the best time for prevention and control has been missed. Therefore, when the child says that he can't see the blackboard, the first thing parents need to do is not to ask the teacher to change the front row seat for the child, but to take the child to a visual inspection in time and make a scientific correction. In addition to the situation where the blackboard cannot be seen clearly, parents cannot ignore the children who can see the blackboard clearly. When a child often squints, rubs his eyes, and tilts his head to read a book, it is also a sign of myopia. The vision loss caused by myopia is usually not achieved overnight, but accumulated little by little every day, like a "boiled frog in warm water". After waiting for a long time, the child unknowingly realized that he could no longer see the blackboard. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to their children's eye habits, communicate with their children more, and keep abreast of their children's real vision conditions. Most children who are found to have myopia will undergo intervention and control. The most common is to wear frame glasses with the corresponding degree of myopia. After wearing glasses, children can see clearly without sitting in the front row. When the child's eye muscles are in a relaxed state, the eyes can usually see objects at a distance of 5-6 meters, so it is more comfortable for the child to sit at this distance or a little further away. Sitting in the front row cannot avoid myopia. Of course, it doesn't matter whether the child has myopia or not, whether he sits in the front row or the back row. Parents should cultivate their children to develop correct eye habits from an early age, such as paying attention to eye rest during class time, doing more outdoor activities and so on. In addition, it is necessary to take the child for regular eye examinations, and always pay attention to the child's vision health! After reading all of the above, everyone should not blindly grab the front row seat again! Although "rushing to the front row at the beginning of school" is only a trivial matter, it reflects the parents' lack of understanding of "myopia prevention and control knowledge". Parents cannot discover their children's myopia as soon as possible, delaying the best time for myopia prevention and control. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively understand the occurrence and development of myopia and form a systematic and scientific prevention and control. Once a child has myopia, he should try his best to control the degree through a scientific correction plan. If it continues to develop into a high degree of myopia, it will cause very serious damage to the eyes.

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