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Parents objected to giving gifts to teachers and were forced to withdraw from the group, and there were constant calls for the disbandment of the family committee

Posting time:2022-12-03 02:52:30

Parents objected to giving gifts to teachers and were forced to withdraw from the group, and there were constant calls for the disbandment of the family committee

On the eve of Teachers' Day, the Liuzhou Municipal Education Bureau issued the "Open Letter on Building a Clean and Clean Home-School Relationship", calling on the parent committee to resist the evil spirit of inviting guests and gifts, and not to give gifts to teachers. As a place for teaching and educating people, schools should create clean and clean The home-school relationship helps students to form a positive, healthy and harmonious world outlook, outlook on life and values. Before this, there was also a news circulating on the Internet that a parent in Liuzhou did not agree to pool money to buy a "Lancome" gift box for the teacher, and was forced by the "family committee" to withdraw from the parent group. According to the parent, since Teacher's Day is approaching, in order to respect teachers and teach, the family committee discussed with parents to send some gifts to teachers to express gratitude and gratitude. Because they did not agree to pool the money, they were forced to leave the group by the family committee. . Giving gifts to teachers is not uncommon no matter where you are. The current ethos has had some adverse effects on society, on children, on parents and on teachers. A school is a place to teach and educate people, not a place to foster evil. Many parents worry that if they don’t give gifts, will teachers wear small shoes for their children? Therefore, when you see other parents give it, you can only follow it. This kind of behavior is detrimental to parents and teachers. Why do you say so? As a teacher, it is also very embarrassing to receive gifts. If it is used by people with intentions, it will not be worth the loss. The parents of a student in a certain place kept a record of giving gifts to teachers for six years. When the child just entered junior high school, the parents reported the teacher, the teacher was fired, and the job reputation was not guaranteed. If parents really want their children to be good, they should set an example first, and let their children develop good study habits and behavioral habits. Especially in elementary schools, as long as the parents give snacks, the children will not be too bad. As for the children going to middle and high school, the teachers also have the rate of admission, and the teachers also want to save face. For teachers, giving gifts is a burden on teachers. But it is undeniable that the evil spirit of parental gift giving has always existed, and in recent years, it has become more and more serious, and it has become more and more serious. A few days ago, I heard a friend talk about a party, but because the parents of the child's teacher came back from a trip, he had to drive to the airport to pick them up. It was all about giving gifts during the New Years and holidays. The teachers and parents had to pick them up when they got off the plane. ? So, how to avoid this evil spirit? If you want to avoid this kind of crookedness, you still have to start with the parents themselves. Recently, many parents have discussed the family committee, and they feel that people from the family committee always love to advocate these things in the group. Indeed, the people from the family committee advocated it, and some parents responded accordingly. , then, even if other parents are unhappy, they must not say much. When thinking of their children, they can only resist hard, and they are obviously unhappy in their hearts. A primary school in Inner Mongolia was bombed, and the parent committee charged parents 12,000 classroom renovation fees in violation of regulations, which led to heated discussions on the Internet. According to the parents, the child is in the fifth grade, and there are about 40 students in the class. Each parent has to share 300 yuan, a total of 12,000 yuan. More importantly, they will collect class fees every year, buy cabinets, change tables, and repair walls. Every year, the parents’ money is used to purchase the fixed assets of the school. The people who take the lead are people from the family committee, and other parents are asked to do so. Some parents have responded to the school with no results. The original intention of the parent committee is for parents to supervise and manage the school. It is not the parents who take the lead in giving gifts to teachers, nor is it that parents are forced to pay the school. Moreover, it seems that parents really do not need the existence of the parent committee, and the school and teachers There seems to be more need for this organization. As adults, when we were young, we didn’t have a family committee, and we didn’t need parents to check homework every day, record videos, correct homework, and check homework. It was always the teacher’s job, but now it seems that everything has changed, and the teacher has become The person who supervises the parent. The teacher's duty is to teach and educate people, not to seek personal gain. The social status of teachers is constantly improving, and the quality of teachers' morality should also be improved accordingly. Children are the future of the motherland. If you want good seedlings, people who cultivate seedlings should not only have professional quality, but also have good morals. Of course, most teachers are still very responsible, but in order to make education more pure, parents and teachers should devote more attention to the education and growth of their children, rather than to flattering and receiving gifts. , which not only disturbs the social atmosphere, but also makes children's education and learning full of utilitarian flavor.

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