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Plano Eyes | Let the baby stick to outdoor activities, what will happen after a month?

Posting time:2023-01-31 02:48:35

Plano Eyes | Let the baby stick to outdoor activities, what will happen after a month?

There is a saying that "it's better to spend more time outdoors instead of looking at your mobile phone at home!" Is your baby surrounded by electronic products? Does your baby often lie on the sofa and eat snacks? Did your baby wear glasses at a young age? If you want your baby to become a positive, healthy, self-disciplined and self-improving child, it is better to let him try outdoor activities every day. Nature is the best classroom for children to experience the world, and it is also the best doctor to heal their health! Today, the editor shares some benefits of outdoor activities: effective prevention of myopia, stronger physical fitness In the Internet age, electronic products have become an inseparable thing for children. Projectors and computers are used for lectures in school, and mobile phones and pads are used for online classes at home. Children's eyes are in the period of growth and development, and there are more and more cases of myopia caused by excessive eye use and poor eye habits. Then, the rich natural environment outdoors can provide sufficient natural light for children's eyes. Under the illumination of natural light, eye fatigue will be greatly relieved. At the same time, natural light changes dynamically, which helps to adjust the pupil contraction of the eye, effectively reduces the defocus on the retina and increases the depth of field of the eye, thereby achieving the effect of preventing myopia. In addition, sun exposure can prompt the body to secrete more dopamine, which has the effect of preventing myopia, thereby inhibiting the occurrence of myopia. Promote parent-child relationship and make family warmer Are you slowly estranged from your children because of your busy work? Are you annoying your kids by preaching too much? Are you arguing with your child over studies and homework? Have you caused parent-child conflict because your child is addicted to mobile phones? At this time, the most important thing parents should do is to change their parental status, turn off the TV, put down their mobile phones, leave their work at hand, leave parental authority behind, leave behind troubles and anxiety in life, treat their children as friends, and communicate with them on an equal footing. In outdoor activities, many places need cooperation between parents and children, which is conducive to enhancing the emotional communication between parents and children, allowing children to feel their parents' love for them, and also allowing parents to break away from busy work and truly enjoy to the fun and meaning of accompanying children. Cultivate concentration and make the brain more active. When the child is outdoors, he will be curious about everything around him. All his senses will be activated. He is immersed in a world that is much larger than himself, instead of Only limited to one small thing. When outdoors, children's brains become more active, and children who regularly embrace nature experience less stress and longer attention spans. Release energy and satisfy the child's active nature Active is the nature of children. They are energetic and energetic, and they always seem to be tired. Through daily outdoor sports, children can release energy, enhance their physique, enrich their knowledge, and also help to follow the law of children's growth. In addition, children spend an hour or two outdoors every day and sweat profusely, which can also reduce the frequency of watching TV and playing mobile phones at home, because the release of energy will be able to sleep on time at night, which not only ensures physical exercise but also satisfies sleep time. Cultivate children's social skills and become more cheerful. Compared with confined spaces like schools, the outdoors is a free environment, which will release a lot of restraint. When children are engaged in outdoor activities, they often have to deal with others. Children's social interaction can also get a good exercise under such circumstances, and even children can make like-minded friends because of their habit of loving sports. , enhance their social skills. Increase knowledge and become more confident. Outdoors, there are sunsets, gentle breezes, various insects on books, and beautiful trees and flowers... Children who often play outdoors can deeply feel the spectacular scene of "ants crossing the street". You can actually see the magnificent picture of geese flying south. Their observation skills will be sharper and more attentive than children who stay at home watching cartoons, and subtly, children can learn unfathomable physics knowledge and understand the logic of common things in life, which are of great benefit to children's growth. . Finally, I hope that parents can cultivate good habits of children's daily outdoor activities, and guide and stimulate their children's nature. After all, childhood will never come again, and health will never come again!

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