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None of the 536 students in the school are myopic! Vision 5.0 or above, this is worth learning

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:46:37

None of the 536 students in the school are myopic! Vision 5.0 or above, this is worth learning

In the recent vision screening for the opening of the school, a primary school in Yunnan was on fire. The primary school had a total of 536 students. 80% of the students had a vision screening result of 5.2, 12% of the students had a vision screening result of 5.3, and the remaining 25 students. The vision screening result was 5.0. Such a respectable vision screening made this elementary school nationally famous. As we all know, the myopia rate of our teenagers is as high as 52.7%, that is, one out of every two people is myopic, so our country has been taking myopia prevention and control measures all the time. So, let's take a look at this issue. What is this primary school? What kind of myopia prevention and control measures have been taken, but no one has myopia. It is understood that the primary school's myopia prevention and control secrets are as follows: 1. Every day, the school will encourage students to engage in outdoor sports for three hours; 2. Encourage children to sleep for 10 and a half hours a day; 3. Do not allow children to bring mobile phones, etc. Electronic devices are brought into the school; through the above three practices of the school, the eyesight of the pupils in the school are all above 5.0. So, can such a practice be standardized in our schools? The author believes that in terms of difficulty, the third point of not allowing mobile phones and electronic devices to enter the school is one of the easiest ways to implement, and most parents can do it for the sake of their children's eyesight. Then the habit of sleeping for 10 and a half hours a day is more difficult to implement. First of all, it will involve many aspects, such as: the school's work and rest system, family time management and other factors, which are mostly uncertain factors. Of course, behind such beautiful data, it can be confirmed that the most effective measure is to keep students engaged in outdoor activities for 3 hours a day. If you have a high awareness of myopia prevention and control, you should know the importance of outdoor activities on the road to inhibiting the development of myopia, and this initiative of the school has confirmed that outdoor activities can inhibit the development of myopia. So the question is, can schools encourage students to engage in 3 hours of outdoor activities? The author believes that: in education nowadays, parents are seriously introverted, and students who have just entered the first grade of primary school have already learned the content of the fifth grade ahead of time. the "life" of some parents. Therefore, the cause of children's myopia must first start from the parents. It is also a very important step to help children control the development of myopia while maintaining their studies. Otherwise, vision development will still affect the child's career future, and then you will regret it. Regarding this measure, some parents said: Unless the school enforces it, it is difficult to implement this measure. Of course, some parents said: Myopia prevention and control schools only need to maintain the most basic policies, and it is still the most critical to academics. What do you think about this? Do you support your child to have 3 hours of outdoor activities a day? News source: The Paper

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