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This eye disease cannot be delayed, and the treatment effect is almost 0 after the age of 12

Posting time:2022-12-02 05:54:06

This eye disease cannot be delayed, and the treatment effect is almost 0 after the age of 12

Many people may have long recognized the dangers of myopia, but they know very little about another common childhood eye disease - amblyopia. In fact, compared with myopia, amblyopia has a greater impact on children's eyes, and timely detection and timely treatment. 1. What are the manifestations of amblyopia? Amblyopia patients mainly have the following symptoms: blurred vision, double shadowing, photophobia, tilted head, strabismus, squinting, seeing objects close together, difficulty in reading, and incoordination of walking hands and feet. If parents find that their child has the above symptoms, they should seek medical attention immediately. 2. How dangerous is amblyopia? In addition to low vision, the harm of amblyopia is lack of fine stereoscopic vision and lack of binocular vision. When you grow up, you can't do fine work. The harm of amblyopia is far greater than that of myopia. Myopic vision is blurry in the distance and clear in the near vision. The visual cells and nerves can also be stimulated by external objects and will not decline. However, amblyopia is due to the long-term failure of visual cells and nerves to be accurately stimulated by external objects. The visual acuity of wearing glasses is lower than 0.9. If it is not corrected in time, the visual acuity will be permanently low. Over time, it will inevitably increase the burden on healthy eyes. , good eyesight will gradually decline. Therefore, for children with amblyopia, it will affect their life for a lifetime. In their eyes, the stereoscopic vision is blurred, so the orientation and distance of objects cannot be accurately judged. 3. What is the golden period of amblyopia treatment? Amblyopia treatment is time-limited, and not all amblyopia patients can be cured by effective methods. Common amblyopia treatment methods include the following: covering method, fine vision training, depression therapy, visual stimulation therapy, afterimage therapy, comprehensive therapy and so on. If found in time, through glasses, coverings or training, many children's vision can be improved to normal levels. The younger the age of treatment for amblyopia, the better the effect. If it is discovered too late, after the age of 12, the effect of treatment will become more limited, and it is difficult to improve vision. This disease is not always found and can be treated in the hospital at any time. Early detection and early treatment are the best things to do.

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