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Is laser treatment for glaucoma the same as laser treatment for diabetes?

Posting time:2022-12-03 09:23:54

Is laser treatment for glaucoma the same as laser treatment for diabetes?

Laser treatment for glaucoma is different from laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy. Although both are laser treatments for the eyes, the parts of laser treatment are completely different for different eye diseases. Eye laser treatment is divided into 3 categories ✔ Laser treatment of cornea: also known as myopia surgery. ✔ Laser treatment of iris ciliary angle: We call it intraocular laser treatment, like iris drilling and gonioplasty for glaucoma, and trabeculoplasty. ✔ Laser treatment of retina and choroid: This is a laser treatment for the fundus, and many patients with diabetic retinopathy need laser treatment for the fundus. Laser therapy is one of the commonly used methods for reducing intraocular pressure in glaucoma. Although glaucoma cannot be cured, by controlling intraocular pressure, it can reduce the damage of eye tissue and delay the progression of glaucoma. In addition to reducing intraocular pressure through drugs and surgery, laser is also one of the commonly used methods of reducing intraocular pressure in glaucoma. The commonly used laser treatment methods for glaucoma include: laser peripheral iridectomy, laser iridoplasty, laser trabeculoplasty, laser thread cutting, and cyclophotocoagulation. For angle-closure glaucoma, laser iridotomy can make the flow of aqueous humor into the anterior chamber more unobstructed and prevent major glaucoma attacks; laser iridoplasty can open the angle of the chamber to facilitate the drainage of aqueous humor in the eye and reduce intraocular pressure; selective laser small The effect of beamplasty is equivalent to the effect of one eye drop. For example, three kinds of eye drops for lowering eye pressure were used to control the eye pressure, and two kinds of eye drops were used after laser treatment. The advantages of laser treatment for glaucoma 1. It can be diagnosed and treated under surface anesthesia in the outpatient department, which is simple and fast; 2. Because there is no incision, the risk of infection is low, the postoperative reaction is mild, and the complications are less; 3. Laser diagnosis and treatment can be repeated many times; 4. Laser The action point is accurate, and the damage to the adjacent tissue is small; 5. Laser diagnosis and treatment will not affect the possible filtering surgery and cataract surgery in the future. Precautions After Glaucoma Laser Treatment Most people can go home and return to their normal lives immediately after treatment. However, just after treatment, there may be symptoms such as photophobia and blurred vision, so glaucoma patients need to be accompanied home after laser treatment. Laser treatment of glaucoma cannot completely replace drugs, and drug treatment is usually required. Although the condition is stable after laser treatment, the glaucoma has not completely healed, and regular outpatient observation and follow-up are still required.

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