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3 days without the quilt, 6 million mites accompany the baby to sleep! How to effectively remove mites?

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3 days without the quilt, 6 million mites accompany the baby to sleep! How to effectively remove mites?

This kind of headache that many mothers have encountered: obviously did not take the baby to outdoor activities, was bitten by mosquitoes, but the baby had a large red rash on his body inexplicably, and the itching was unbearable, and some even It was scratched by the baby; it was clear that I didn't have a cold, but I sneezed and coughed one after another. Seeing the uncomfortable appearance of the baby, the mothers watched and worried, but they could not find the root cause of the problem. In fact, in this case of the baby, it is likely that the mites are at fault. Mites, usually referring to house dust mites. The number of survivors is generally determined by the influence of the environment, and most of them are between 1 million and 15 million. Dark and damp places are the most likely to breed mites. If quilts and pillows are left out of the sun for three months, there may be as many as 6 million mites inside!

Where do mites like to settle down?

The mites are tiny, most of them less than 1 mm, and they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Common types of mites are dust mites, worms, and scabies. Our secretions, dander, etc. are all delicious feasts that mites like, and the dark corners of the home are hotbeds for their active reproduction. Floor mats, bed quilts, pillows and air conditioners are also the most ideal places for mites to settle due to lack of good ventilation and frequent drying. The life cycle of mites is very short, usually about 3 months, but their fecundity is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. A single mite can reproduce more than 300 within 3 months of survival.

Hazards caused by mites to baby's health

The huge family of mites is active everywhere in the home, and even creeps on us, it is really a thought Terrible thing. Especially for babies with weak skin barrier function, it is more likely to cause health hazards. According to a report released by the Chinese Medical Association, among all children's allergens, the allergy rate of dust mites ranks first. Allergy symptoms caused by mites to babies mainly include:
  • Skin allergy
The baby's skin is not yet developed and is too soft, and it is easy to cause urticaria after contact with allergens , allergic dermatitis and other diseases, scratching will make the itching symptoms of the skin more serious and further lead to infection.
  • Respiratory tract allergies
Because the baby is young, the respiratory tract is relatively fragile and cannot withstand the stimulation of foreign allergens, which can easily lead to allergic rhinitis, and even lead to allergic asthma. Symptoms are similar to those of a cold, with sneezing, runny nose, and coughing more common.
  • Eye Diseases
Mites can parasitize the roots of hair follicles, which will cause immune inflammatory response due to prolonged direct stimulation, changes in immune reactivity and bacterial infection. If not treated in time, it will cause blepharitis, or conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. The main symptoms are dry eyes, astringent eyes, itchy eyes, and in severe cases, tearing or redness and swelling of the eyes.

How can I get rid of mites effectively?

In the face of the ravages of mites, is there really nothing to do with it? To effectively remove mites, try the following:
  • Choose a professional mite removal tool
Use a special mite removal device, which can remove mites from floor mats, bed quilts, etc. And the excrement they produce is sucked out, light and fast.
  • Reduce the use of home textiles
Indoors, floor mats, hanging cloth curtains, etc. are generally placed, but because of the humid climate, mites tend to breed in such home textiles in large numbers. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the use of fabric households as much as possible and keep the interior dry and tidy.
  • Dry the bedding frequently
UV rays can eliminate mites in a large area, so the baby's bed sheets, quilts, and pillowcases need to be cleaned and dried in time, and replaced regularly. The amount can be clearly controlled.
  • Frozen mites
The baby's plush doll is usually a hidden danger that mothers ignore. Babies like to hold dolls to sleep and play, and they are also infested by a large number of mites. The doll can be sealed with plastic wrap and stored in the freezer of the refrigerator for 24 hours, because mites cannot survive in a low temperature freezing environment. The next day, take the doll out to dry and beat it.
  • Drying and dehumidification
The survival rate of mites will be greatly reduced when the humidity is lower than 50%. Therefore, you can use air conditioners, dehumidifiers or open windows for ventilation to reduce the indoor humidity to between 30% and 50%, which can also play a good role in removing mites. Although mites are everywhere, mothers don't need to panic. Mastering the scientific and effective method of removing mites will surely kill the mites in the cradle in time.

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