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These 3 reasons can cause numbness in hands and feet, I really hope you can find out sooner

Posting time:2022-12-03 09:52:21

These 3 reasons can cause numbness in hands and feet, I really hope you can find out sooner

A healthy person has good blood circulation throughout the body, is not oppressed, and naturally has relaxed hands and feet. Although the extremities are prone to lack of blood supply, as long as you regulate blood lipids, exercise more, and add enough water, you will not feel numbness due to frequent ischemia. However, some people often feel numbness in their hands and feet, which lasts for a long time and has not improved. They should be vigilant. It may be that some diseases are developing, and symptomatic treatment should be obtained after understanding the cause.

1. Hyperlipidemia

The causes of numbness in the hands and feet are very complicated. For some people, the development of hyperlipidemia affects the normal circulation , because the serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels exceed the standard, the originally fast-flowing blood will stagnate, thereby affecting the blood supply of some important organs and systems. The limbs themselves are prone to ischemia. If blood lipids are not actively regulated, limb numbness will occur because the viscous blood cannot be transported in time. In severe cases, the arrival of diseases such as myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction will be accelerated. Active regulation of blood lipids is required to alleviate.

2. Cervical spondylosis

It is necessary to determine whether cervical spondylosis is developing if the hands and feet are often numb. Cervical spondylosis is a disease caused by cervical degenerative changes. In addition to increasing age, the incidence of cervical spondylosis increases, and many bad living habits can also affect the cervical vertebra. Among them, low head and mobile phone for a long time, inappropriate sleeping position, and too little neck activity, these situations It can affect the health of the cervical spine. After the onset of the disease, the local nerves are compressed, the muscles are tense, and the blood circulation cannot be maintained well, which will involve other parts. Some people not only have cervical soreness and pain, but also have symptoms such as numbness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. It can be seen that cervical spondylosis should not be underestimated. After the disease is discovered, it needs to be treated in time.

3. Diabetes

More and more people have various symptoms due to excessive blood sugar, which causes damage to the body, the most common of which is limb hair loss. Hemp, dry mouth, weight loss, nocturia. Because the continuous high sugar environment will accelerate the nervous system and vascular disease, the blood circulation cannot be maintained well after the disease, which will affect the blood supply of the hands and feet. Combined with peripheral neuritis caused by nerve damage, numbness in the limbs is common. If it is determined to be caused by diabetes, the indicators can be controlled with the use of hypoglycemic drugs, insulin injections and correction of unhealthy lifestyles. How to relieve numbness symptoms? Usually if you want to relieve the numbness of the limbs, the most important thing is to conduct a detailed examination to find out the cause after the symptoms appear, and then to control it by effective means. Since there are many types of diseases that cause numbness in the limbs, symptomatic treatment is required, including cervical spondylosis, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc., of course, many people have high blood pressure, local compression, and numbness. Serious treatment and correction of bad living habits can restore the body to a healthy state, while the circulation remains normal and natural symptoms are relieved.

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