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Those who love eggs, pay attention to these 4 taboos, and tell your family after reading it

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:35:18

Those who love eggs, pay attention to these 4 taboos, and tell your family after reading it

As a representative of delicious food, eggs are not allergic to eggs or indigestion. There are many benefits to eating eggs properly, which can improve brain function and enhance resistance. Of course, there are many points to pay attention to when eating eggs for a long time. For the health of your family, you must be clear about the relevant science knowledge. Otherwise, you will make mistakes in eating eggs, you will not get the benefits, but will cause health problems. Let’s take a deeper understanding.

1. Don't eat raw eggs

If you have the habit of eating eggs for a long time, you can indeed get the nutrients the human body needs, including lecithin, protein , vitamins, trace elements, etc. can be obtained, so as to achieve the effect of enhancing resistance. However, eggs cannot be eaten directly without being cooked. Some people think that high-temperature cooking will destroy the nutrients in them. Eating eggs directly can better obtain nutrients and promote health. Raw eggs are not cooked, there are certain microorganisms and bacteria, and their gastrointestinal function is weak. Eating raw eggs will have various adverse reactions. Some people have abdominal pain and diarrhea because of eating raw eggs. Don't fall into the misunderstanding, eggs are as rich in nutrients as boiled eggs, and don't blindly try raw eggs.

2. Don't eat too much at one time

Eggs are good and can provide nutrients, but the more you get, the healthier you are. Some people think that to supplement enough protein to maintain normal life activities, eating more eggs can be achieved. As a cheap and high nutritional value food, it is indeed popular among people. But eggs are more difficult to digest. If you eat too many eggs every day, it will increase the digestive pressure, resulting in abdominal bloating, constant farting, abdominal pain and other symptoms. You need to know how to control your diet, and don't get it without restraint because of the high nutritional value of food. For adults, eat one or two eggs a day, but don't overdo it.

3. Those who are allergic to eggs cannot eat it

Those who are allergic to eggs should not eat it. Because eggs are rich in nutrients, some people are prone to allergies, and they happen to have allergic reactions to certain ingredients in eggs. As soon as they eat eggs, skin rashes, itching and other symptoms appear, indicating that they are not suitable and should choose Other non-allergenic foods for nutrients. If you feel that eggs have high nutritional value, and you are allergic to eggs, you will reluctantly eat them.

4. Stay away from fried eggs

For the health of your family, try to eat as little fried eggs as possible. Although eggs can be cooked in a variety of ways, frying is one of the least healthy and unsafe. Although the poached egg made by high temperature frying is full of aroma, but the oil temperature is too high, it is easy to burn part of the protein, thus producing harmful substances that affect digestion and absorption. In addition, too high temperature will destroy various nutrients in it, which is easy to cause waste from a nutritional point of view. In addition, fried eggs are rich in fat, and some people have thick blood and are overweight. Often eating such eggs is not good for health.

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