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I have to stay up late, how can I fix it? Do these 2 points well to minimize damage

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:07:01

I have to stay up late, how can I fix it? Do these 2 points well to minimize damage

As we all know, staying up late is a habit that affects your health. However, some people have no choice but to stay up late, and their work has not been completed, so they can only use the rest time to solve it. Invisibly, they let themselves not sleep enough. They yawn and feel fatigued during the day. They should try their best to reduce the damage caused by staying up late. With this kind of behavior, you will not only face accelerated aging, but also reduce resistance and affect the function of multiple organs. And take a good method to adjust, the degree of damage can be reduced.

1. Take a proper nap during the day

Staying up late at night is harmful to the body and is the cause of many health problems. If you can take a proper nap during the day, it may be saved. It is not that the quality of sleep is poor and the rest time is not enough, but that other factors have to stay up late and take a nap during the day. Half an hour after lunch, there is no sense of security in the stomach, choose a suitable place to take a nap, and the time is controlled within half an hour to an hour. If you can enter a state of deep sleep and sleep comfortably, you will feel tired and refreshed after waking up. After an afternoon of work and learning, your body will be less affected.

2. Supplementing enough nutrients

Paying attention to the supplementation of nutrients can reduce the damage of staying up late. Many people stay up late because of work reasons. Due to their busy work, they do not have much free time, and even sleep time is occupied. Under such preconditions, they should try their best to save them. During the day, we should focus on providing nutrients in the diet, and supplement the protein and vitamins needed by the human body. These nutrients can not only maintain normal life activities, but also improve resistance and fight aging. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and meat as a source of protein, you can also eat more. Choose fresh lean meat and deep-sea fish to meet nutritional needs, thereby enhancing physical fitness and reducing the impact of staying up late. What is the correct routine? In order to promote health, it is necessary to know how to work and rest properly. It is best not to go to sleep more than 12 o'clock every night, and to go to bed on time before 11 o'clock at night can ensure enough rest time, so that the liver, brain, etc. can rest. The liver can play a role in excreting the accumulated harmful substances and maintain the stability of the internal environment. Adequate brain rest, on the other hand, can slow down neurodegeneration and keep the brain healthy. Of course, eliminating negative emotions, soaking your feet properly, and not playing with mobile phones before going to bed can all improve the quality of sleep. In addition, creating a good sleep environment, falling asleep in a comfortable and comfortable place, people will sleep soundly, these correct work and rest methods are the way to maintain health.

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