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Mid-autumn festival on the moon, light in the eyes, holiday is more "eye"

Posting time:2022-10-06 01:30:07

Mid-autumn festival on the moon, light in the eyes, holiday is more "eye"

Looking forward, looking forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday finally coming, will the National Day be far away~ I just want to ask if you are excited at this moment! Not happy! Can't wait to get excited? Shilijia reminds us that the epidemic situation across the country is tense in the near future and we must do a good job in epidemic prevention. At the same time, eye protection is also essential! During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, you may be like this. It was originally only a 2-hour drive, but because of traffic jams, "people are on the road" for 5 hours. Your eyes gradually feel dry, and the fatigue of long-distance driving is gradually coming... At this time, you need to Multi-effect eye protection spray No matter when you are tired from driving or in traffic jams, use eye protection spray to drive away sleepiness anytime, anywhere, and quickly "charge your eyes". During the Mid-Autumn Festival, you may also avoid crowds and stay at home. The life of the corpse is endless, and the screen is not only chasing dramas, TikTok, chatting on WeChat, then staying up late to eat chicken, but worrying about the loss of vision, dark circles, eye bags, and fine lines will all come to you. Don't worry, see Lijia Gold Square Eye Patch Go on the ice to moisten the eyeballs, heat moxibustion around the eyes to eliminate visual fatigue, lighten the dark circles in 10 minutes, and give you a pair of bright eyes during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Of course, there are those friends who still have to work during the holidays~ I will feel sorry for you for a minute of working overtime. Take better care of your eyes while working

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