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Shilijia: Although Mid-Autumn Mooncakes are delicious, myopic children should not eat more

Posting time:2023-03-24 11:34:27

Shilijia: Although Mid-Autumn Mooncakes are delicious, myopic children should not eat more

We all know that the main cause of myopia in children is that they use their eyes for too long at close range, and the posture of sitting and holding the pen is incorrect. Another important reason is that they consume too much sugar! For example, eat foods with high sugar content such as moon cakes, milk tea, and candies. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, all kinds of sweet and delicious moon cakes are coming out one after another. Plant seeds, containing unsaturated fatty acids, mostly oleic acid and linoleic acid, are beneficial for softening blood vessels and preventing arteriosclerosis; containing minerals, which are beneficial to improve immunity and prevent zinc deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in children; lotus seeds, red Adzuki beans and sesame are high in potassium, which nourishes the heart muscle and regulates blood pressure. But... as we all know, moon cakes with a lot of oil, sugar, and duck egg yolk as fillings are high in cholesterol. Generally speaking, they are high-calorie foods. When sugar is metabolized in the human body, it needs a lot of vitamin B1 to help and consumes the calcium content in the body. Vitamin B1 has a protective effect on the optic nerve, and its content will affect the nutritional status of the optic nerve. Sugar is an acidic substance. If you eat too much sugar, in order to achieve the basic acid-base balance in the body, the consumption of alkaline substances will increase accordingly. Elements such as calcium and chromium are alkaline substances. If the body is over-consumed and greatly reduced, the toughness of our eyeball will deteriorate. Calcium is the "protector" of the eye tissue. Calcium deficiency will not only cause the retinal elasticity to decrease , the wall of the eyeball becomes thinner and the axis of the eye is easily elongated, increasing the possibility of myopia. Eating too much sugar will increase blood sugar, correspondingly reduce the osmotic pressure of body fluids, make the aqueous humor in the eye penetrate into the lens, cause lens deformation, increase the refraction, and aggravate myopia. So myopic children must eat less moon cakes!

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