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The doctor of the Hangzhou Women's Hospital has another identity! On Teacher's Day, they are full of thanks in advance

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:13:40

The doctor of the Hangzhou Women's Hospital has another identity! On Teacher's Day, they are full of thanks in advance

In September, Shien will never forget that tomorrow is Teacher's Day. In the Hangzhou Women's Hospital, there are also a group of "teachers" who not only treat and save people, but also take care of educating people and taking charge of both doctors and teachers, and they share their knowledge and experience with each other. For the younger generation of the hospital and medical students to preach and teach, and guide the way forward. In the face of these hard-working gardeners who have been meticulously nurtured by the flowers of the motherland, I also have a lot of words of thanks. I want to say no to them. On the afternoon of September 8, Hangzhou Women's Hospital In the lecture hall on the 6th floor of the administrative building, there was a Teacher's Day GIF expressing gratitude to Shien and overflowing with warmth. From SOOGIF Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, "Thank you for your kindness" to celebrate the Teacher's Day event this Thursday. The afternoon warmth unfolds. The leaders of the hospital, middle-level cadres, resident and training teachers, college teaching teachers, student representatives, and many hospital family members who love teaching, such as clinical, medical technicians, and nursing staff, gathered together. Zhang Yingyin, director of the Science and Education Department of Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission, Ruan Hengchao, director of the Continuing Education Center of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, and Yao Jifen, executive deputy director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hangzhou Normal University Clinical School of Medicine, also visited our hospital to guide the teaching work. Director Zhang Yingyin first gave a concluding speech on the educational work of our school and read out the congratulatory letter on Teachers' Day. Zhang Zhifen, the dean of our hospital, gave a speech on the stage, reviewing and affirming the past efforts and achievements of Hangzhou Women's Institute in terms of teaching ability and personnel training. Subsequently, the 2021 outstanding teachers were commended for the standardized training of residents in the Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, and the hospital leaders awarded honorary certificates and flowers to the "teachers"; a standardized patient (SP) case design competition was also carried out during the event. Four The content of each participating group was innovative and immersive, winning bursts of applause from the medical and nursing audience on site. After the game, the student representatives presented flowers to the teacher to express their deep gratitude and respect. At the end of the event, He Chaying, secretary of the party committee of our hospital, summed up this rich Teacher's Day celebration, and looked forward to the future of Hangzhou Women's Hospital to attract more talents, cultivate more doctors with superb medical skills and noble medical ethics, benefit patients, and work together to care for them Maternal and child health. In 2020, Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital officially became a non-affiliated hospital of Hangzhou Normal University. At the same time, it successively cooperated with West Lake University and became a teaching hospital of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou Normal University, and Hangzhou Medical College. "Training Program. The Hangzhou Women's Hospital has an excellent team of teachers and a professional clinical skills center. It has developed and developed hand in hand with its partner schools, and has been well received. The education and training of health personnel is not only an important reflection of the hospital's development connotation and comprehensive strength, but also a major event that concerns the happiness of thousands of households. It is hoped that in the future, with the help of the "front wave", more "back waves" with solid business skills and enthusiasm will emerge, and more and more excellent doctors can become professional forces that everyone can rely on and trust. Let's fight and look forward to it~Editor/Producer | Health Business Development Department

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