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These 4 kinds of food, it is best to throw away if you can't finish eating, it is really not suitable for "secondary heating"

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:16:33

These 4 kinds of food, it is best to throw away if you can't finish eating, it is really not suitable for "secondary heating"

Most of the people in the past have experienced hard days, not enough to eat, and not enough to wear warm clothes, so they will develop the habit of not wasting and thrifty. Nowadays, the standard of living is getting higher and higher, and basically there is no need to worry about eating and drinking, but the older generation still pays attention to thrift. Many foods that cannot be eaten will be kept and stored in the refrigerator for freshness. After reheating, they continue to eat. Some types of food cannot be reheated, otherwise it is easy to get sick from the mouth.

1. Seafood

In addition to choosing healthy ingredients, it is also necessary to pay attention to freshness in diet. Cook as much food as you eat, not only to avoid waste, but also to prevent the impact of not eating and continuing to heat it the next day. Many people like to eat seafood. Seafood cannot be kept overnight. Seafood that some people cannot eat has been stored for a long time. It is difficult to prevent seafood from breeding bacteria after reheating. As a protein-rich food representative, it may spoil within a few hours, especially in the hot summer months.

2. Mushrooms

Do not continue to heat up some foods, especially cooked mushrooms. Although mushrooms are rich in amino acids, proteins, trace elements, vitamins, etc., they can meet the needs of the body and enhance resistance. However, most of the mushrooms are kept for a short period of time. After cooking, they are not eaten, and they are heated again the next day. In addition to the loss of nutrients, other substances that are harmful to health may also be produced, among which nitrite is easily produced. In order to maintain health, the mushrooms should be cleaned and cooked in time after soaking, so that they cannot be kept after eating.

3. Green leafy vegetables

Green vegetables are an important source of nutrients in life. Most people who pay attention to the proper combination of meat and vegetables in their diet will consume enough vegetables every day. , so as to obtain rich vitamins to improve resistance, and also provide dietary fiber to promote intestinal peristalsis and accelerate fecal excretion. However, the secondary heating of green vegetables not only causes the loss of nutrients, but also easily produces nitrite. Although eating green leafy vegetables overnight will not directly cause cancer, eating these overnight foods for a long time will have more or less negative effects. In order to protect the digestive system and reduce the pressure on the liver to metabolize harmful substances, do not eat green vegetables overnight.

4. Half-boiled eggs

Many types of food will produce harmful substances and breed bacteria once overnight, even if there is secondary heating, it is not reliable. Eggs that are not fully cooked are not recommended. Many people like to eat soft boiled eggs, where the whites are fully cooked but the yolks are half-cooked. If it is not fully cooked, there will be some bacteria and microorganisms, and it is easy to produce Salmonella. If you can’t finish eating it and continue to heat it overnight, it cannot guarantee complete killing of the bacteria inside. It may also be placed in a half-baked state for a long time, thus produce other harmful substances.

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