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Wrong sleeping position, the body suffers! Although these two poses are cool, they are not recommended for you to do

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Wrong sleeping position, the body suffers! Although these two poses are cool, they are not recommended for you to do

Maintaining good habits is a prerequisite for maintaining health, and it should be appropriate for daily sitting, standing or sleeping positions. Correct posture avoids stress on the body and maximizes the protection of joints and bones. Those who stay out of position for long periods of time tend to suffer injuries and even induce disease. Lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and cervical spondylosis invasion are all caused by incorrect posture. It is necessary to understand which postures are appropriate and strictly abide by them. One-third of a person's life is spent in sleep. Having high-quality sleep is the key to maintaining health. It can improve resistance, delay aging, and maintain normal endocrine systems. But some people ask questions, the same sleeping position, some people benefit, and some people's health is threatened, what is the difference? You should understand and choose the best sleeping position in order to have high-quality sleep and stay away from diseases. The reason why some people's health is affected and some people benefit from the same sleeping position is because of different physical conditions, especially those with developing reflux disease, it is recommended to lie on the left side. If you sleep on the right side for a long time, the elasticity of the esophageal sphincter will decrease, and the stomach acid will easily reflux without restraint, which will make the symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn obvious. And lying on the left side can improve the reflux situation. Compared with other groups of people, this disease is developing, and adopting this sleeping position can benefit. However, some people choose to lie on the right side to obtain obvious benefits, because the original heart function declines. The heart is an important organ of the body. To ensure its normal function, the sleeping position must also be reasonable. If you sleep on the left side for a long time, the heart is likely to be in a relatively low position. Under the influence of gravity, the amount of blood supplied to the heart will increase, which will increase its pressure. If the blood volume increases due to the wrong sleeping position, it will affect the condition. Therefore, it is recommended to take the right lateral position to reduce the burden on the heart. Which sleeping positions are not recommended?

1. Curl up in a ball

Many sleeping positions are not recommended and may cause harm to the body, so they should be kept away, especially when sleeping When the whole body is curled into a ball, this sleeping position seems to have a sense of security and comfort, but it is actually not conducive to the protection of the lumbar and cervical vertebrae. When curled into a ball, the lumbar and cervical vertebrae are greatly curved, and in a deep sleep state for a long time, these bones are excessively curved and held for too long, which will accelerate the arrival of diseases, and are prone to lumbar and cervical vertebrae lesions. To stay healthy, sleep in a lateral position, or lie down on your back.

2. Sleeping on your stomach

Don't usually fall asleep on your stomach, because this position will cause harm to the body. Falling asleep on the stomach, in addition to affecting normal breathing, some people are prone to drooling if their mouths are not tightly closed. In addition, many parts are easily compressed when falling asleep on the stomach, especially the heart. There is an organic heart disease itself, and this posture affects the control of the disease. Of course, the private parts will not be able to maintain good heat dissipation due to falling asleep on the stomach for a long time. Once the temperature rises, bacteria can breed, and the bacteria may invade when the resistance is weak, thereby causing health problems.

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