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These tricks are very useful for the eye health of middle-aged and elderly people

Posting time:2023-03-24 09:15:35

These tricks are very useful for the eye health of middle-aged and elderly people

When a person reaches a certain age, the body is prone to various diseases, and the eyes are no exception. For middle-aged and elderly people, symptoms such as vision loss, yellowing of vision, and presbyopia will gradually appear, bringing a lot of inconvenience to life. To improve the quality of life of the elderly, eye care is very important. In daily life, middle-aged and elderly friends can achieve the purpose of eye care and eye care through the following methods. If you have presbyopia, you should wear reading glasses when reading and watching TV. Be careful not to lie down and read, get up and move about in an hour or so, and look into the distance through the window. When necessary, often perform eye exercises, press the temples, or close your eyes to rest your eyes, which can make your eyes fully rest and relieve eye fatigue. Usually pay attention to eye hygiene, do not rinse the eyes with tap water, so as not to cause inflammation caused by bacteria entering the eyes. You can also have a variety of green plants at home to help absorb the ultraviolet rays in the strong light and make the eyes more comfortable. Pay attention to light When reading, the elderly should pay attention to the appropriate light. Too strong light will stimulate vision and cause the pupils to continue to contract and be easily fatigued; if the light is too weak, the pupils will continue to dilate and be easily fatigued. Therefore, in order to prevent direct sunlight, it is best to wear sunglasses that can prevent ultraviolet rays when going out, so as not to damage the eyes and accelerate aging. Choose food to nourish the eyes of the elderly to protect their eyes, pay attention to diet. Eat more foods rich in beta carotene, vitamin A and lutein. Animal liver is rich in vitamin A, and vegetables and fruits contain more cellulose, carotene and vitamin C, which are suitable for the elderly. It can not only prevent night blindness, but also prevent dry eyes and help the elderly maintain night vision. You can also eat more lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans, etc., which can help the elderly relieve eye fatigue. Control of chronic diseases Many poor vision is caused by the blood vessels of the eyeball, and poor blood pressure and blood sugar control will cause damage to the blood vessels and affect the blood supply to the eyes. Elderly people with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes should measure their blood pressure and blood sugar every day to keep blood pressure and blood sugar stable and reduce the risk of stroke, pay attention to maintaining a peaceful state, and avoid violent mood swings, so as not to cause glaucoma. Proper drinking of eye protection tea, friends who like tea can choose chrysanthemum tea, wolfberry tea, green tea and other teas first, which have good effects on improving eyesight, clearing heat and detoxifying, and reducing blood pressure. For example, when you get up in the morning, drinking a cup of green tea with chrysanthemum not only refreshes the mouth and refreshes the mind, but also both green tea and chrysanthemum have the effect of clearing the liver and improving eyesight, which has a certain effect on relieving red eyes and dizziness. In addition to the above daily eye care methods, it is more important for middle-aged and elderly people to do regular eye inspection and maintenance, to detect eye problems in time, and to solve and maintain them in a targeted manner, so as to better ensure eye health. !

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