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The 84-year-old mother-in-law cried for half a year, and her eyes were red and swollen many times.

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:36:08

The 84-year-old mother-in-law cried for half a year, and her eyes were red and swollen many times.

Keep a tear, how do you make your eyes swollen like this? I'm really sweating for this mother-in-law, 84 years old, it hurts to look at, how can I endure it? For half a year, the tears were uncontrolled, not only tears but also pus. Granny Li was calmer than us. She told us that it was nothing to be swollen like this, and there were several times that it was worse than this. It was really painful, and Granny Li felt that she should find an ophthalmology hospital to see if there is a complete solution. Granny Li came to the Lacrimal Orbital Oncology Department of Wuhan Aige Eye Hospital for treatment. She told Director Cheng Mianzheng that in the past six months, her tears flowed regardless of the occasion, sitting or lying down. I just started to feel pus, I thought it was because of eating, but it didn't seem to get better after eating a light diet. I also ordered a lot of eye drops. I have been taking amoxicillin capsules (anti-inflammatory drug) for half a year. At the worst, my right eye was swollen. to the size of an egg. Later, Director Cheng Mianzheng found that her right eye nasolacrimal duct was blocked through examination, and then she found the reason why she often "shed tears" and "pus" - right eye: On the day of acute dacryocystitis, Granny Li was hospitalized and underwent systemic anti-inflammatory therapy. Infection combined with anti-inflammatory therapy. Director Cheng Mianzheng's team performed minimally invasive sinus endoscopic endoscopic nasostomy for Granny Li. Granny Li's symptoms of redness and swelling around her right eye were significantly improved, and the symptoms of tearing and pus in her right eye were also completely relieved, and the surgery was completely invisible. . Acute dacryocystitis cannot be ignored. It can cause blindness. Acute dacryocystitis is mostly transformed from chronic dacryocystitis (but it is also a patient with acute primary bacterial infection at the beginning). Once suffering from this disease, these symptoms will appear - —
  • Red, swollen, hot and painful at the corners of the eyes on the side of the nose, at the same time, there may be eye congestion, tearing, and yellow secretions;
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  • Severe cases may cause swelling of the face;
  • Sometimes there will be general discomfort such as chills, fever, etc.; lumps after a few days Pus spots appear, and the abscess may burst on its own.
  • However, it should be noted that this disease has a "blind eye method", which is easy to delay treatment - suffering from dacryocystitis, some patients generally do not have pain, skin, and swelling except for pus from the corners of their eyes. Other uncomfortable symptoms such as redness and swelling do not affect vision, so it is easy to be ignored. For example, Granny Li shed tears for half a year before she began to see the doctor. If not treated in time, the patient may become blind. The pus that fills the tear sac contains a large amount of bacteria, which seems to be a bacterial bank. The bacteria are discharged with the pus at any time. If there is a wound on the eyeball at this time, the bacteria will take advantage of the weakness to enter. Minor: cause keratitis or corneal ulcer Important: How to treat blindness due to corneal ulcer and perforation? For patients who shed tears for no reason (chronic dacryocystitis), it is recommended that you treat them as soon as possible and in a standardized manner, so as not to cause serious illness, people will suffer very much. If it really drags on to the point of acute dacryocystitis, there is a way to solve it. At present, Director Cheng Mianzheng's team uses endoscopic endoscopic endoscopic sinus surgery, which has two advantages. 1. There is no need to wait for the inflammation to subside. One operation can treat the problems of pus discharge, anti-inflammation, and tearing eyes, and relieve the pain of the patient. Unlike the past, surgery cannot be performed in the acute stage. It is necessary to wait for the inflammation to improve and the pus to be discharged, and then consider the operation after half a year. To solve the problem of tearing, 2. Minimally invasive, no damage to the appearance: Most patients do not need joint incision and drainage from the skin surface, not only the treatment effect is good, but also the appearance of the patient has been improved to the greatest extent.

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