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The Gospel of a Myopic Family || An eye-catching item that can be worn in all seasons

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The Gospel of a Myopic Family || An eye-catching item that can be worn in all seasons

In early September and autumn, the weather turns cooler, and the National Day holiday is coming soon. Every holiday, everyone inevitably starts the mode of shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping, and buying. Major platforms are pushing "September OOTD", "Must-buy items in early autumn", "Dressing items"... But let's talk about it The "eye" item has nothing to do with the eyes. Let me introduce this to you - [Myopia Family Gospel • True • The "eye-catching" item in early autumn • ICL lens implantation] When you see such a long title, you know it must be amazing! It can be worn not only in early autumn, but also in all seasons ~ What is ICL lens implantation? ICL lens implantation surgery, also known as phakic posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation, is an additive myopia surgery. It can be used to correct myopia up to 1800 degrees, hyperopia up to 600 degrees and astigmatism up to 600 degrees without removing or destroying corneal tissue and without post-operative sutures. Especially for the treatment of high myopia is particularly effective. It provides another option for patients who are not suitable for myopia laser surgery for reasons such as thin cornea, fragile cornea, and irregular corneal surface. Each intraocular lens is imported from abroad, and the custom-made lens is made of a material called Collamer. Each intraocular lens is imported from Swiss STAAR company and has an exclusive number, according to the different eyes of each patient. situation, customized for its measuring eye. The thickness of the crystal is only about 50 microns, which is thinner than the diameter of a hair. Crystals can be removed at any time and can be used for life. The picture shows the advantages of intraocular lens ICL lens implantation • Safety: ICL does not remove or destroy the corneal tissue, and does not remove its own lens, leaving the eyeball structure intact. • Reversible: The ICL is implanted in the eye and can be removed or replaced at any time if other eye surgery is required in the future. • High-definition: The corrected visual acuity can achieve the expected correction effect. • Comfortable: The material contains UV blocking genes, which can effectively curb UV-related eye diseases, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. • Protection: The stable position of the ICL in the eye ensures that it functions in harmony with the eye, and once implanted in the eye, its presence is imperceptible. • Rigorous: detailed preoperative examination and preparation, the use of custom-made lenses from Swiss Seiko, and the operation performed by a team of physicians certified by the international VISION ICL. FAQs about ICL Q1: Is ICL surgery safe? A1: ICL surgery is a minimally invasive myopia treatment operation. The number of ICL implantation operations worldwide has exceeded 2 million. In clinical trials conducted by the US FDA, more than 99% of patients were satisfied with the surgical results. Q2: Is ICL surgery painful? A2: The ICL procedure is painless but tactile. There may be discomfort such as foreign body sensation within 4-6 hours after the operation, and the specific situation varies from person to person. Q3: How long does ICL surgery take? A3: ICL surgery usually takes 20 minutes to complete both eyes. Q4: How long can I work or study after ICL surgery? A4: You can have clear vision on the first day after ICL surgery, but you should take a proper rest on the first day after surgery, and you can go to work the next day. In the early postoperative period, you should take eye drops on time and follow the doctor's advice. Q5: What are the requirements for review after ICL surgery? A5: It is recommended to follow up on the second day, first week, first month, third month, and half a year after ICL surgery. Most of the patients undergoing ICL surgery are highly myopic, and the ICL lens is regularly checked. For patients with high myopia, it is recommended to review the fundus every six months to one year. Q6: Can I give birth and give birth naturally after ICL surgery? A6: ICL surgery has no effect on fertility, but ICL surgery cannot be performed during breastfeeding. It is recommended to consider surgery one month after breastfeeding. Q7: Can cataract be done after ICL surgery? A7: Yes, ICL surgery is safe and reversible. Simply remove the ICL lens during cataract surgery and perform the surgery again. In addition, Hangzhou Taixue Ophthalmology Department strictly implements 27 complete and precise preoperative examinations to escort each myopia surgery. In addition to ICL lens implantation, Taixue Ophthalmology has carried out a variety of surgical procedures such as full femtosecond SMILE3.0, AI Jingdiao personalized micro-femtosecond surgery, presbyopia laser, and presbyopia cataract. A team of doctor-level experts from Taiwan, China, provides patients with a full range of eye health diagnosis and treatment services. At present, Taixue Ophthalmology has 25 ophthalmology centers in Taiwan, Taiwan, China, and 13 ophthalmology clinics in the mainland, and will continue to expand in the future. Nowadays, myopia surgery has become more and more common. Police, teachers, medical staff, etc. have all chosen to correct their vision through myopia surgery. If you are also deeply troubled by myopia, why not make up your mind to start changing and welcome a new self~

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