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"Mom, give me some pocket money", when the child asks for pocket money, whether to give it or not

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"Mom, give me some pocket money", when the child asks for pocket money, whether to give it or not

In a reality show, Xiao S's daughter wanted to buy a dress costing more than 1,000 yuan, which sparked a discussion about pocket money between Big S and Xiao S. Big S proposed: "Only when you have money can you decide how to spend money. Children don't have pocket money, so what's the concept of financial management?" And Xiao S thinks that children will be rewarded by their elders for the New Year, festivals and competitions, and there is no need Fixed pocket money for children. On the Internet, there are two opposites about whether to give pocket money to children, so should pocket money be given? In fact, just like two sides of a coin, things have two sides, and giving pocket money is the same.

What problems will it bring about not giving pocket money

Not giving children pocket money will bring some harm, for example, children have no concept of money, and it is easy to grow up Big hands. In 2021, a case heard by the Tianjin Third Intermediate People's Court aroused the attention of the whole network. 15-year-old Xiao Liu rewarded the anchor with 1.58 million yuan within 70 days, and the parents sued the platform on the grounds that the child was under 18 years old. the court. According to the relevant provisions of the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Standardized Management of Online Live Broadcasting" issued in 2021, the court ruled that the platform will refund the reward in full. But behind this incident, it can be seen how terrible it is for a child who does not know what money is to spend money. Children without pocket money may be insecure. Remember that Zhao Dehan in "In the Name of the People"? In everyone's eyes, he is a simple and honest person. He doesn't even dare to buy a car. He rides a broken bicycle all year round and lives in an old house. It would be thought that he would accept 230 million bribes. What made him such a "two-faced person"? In fact, it is still the sequelae left by lack of money and insecurity as a child. Children without pocket money are also more likely to be paranoid about money when they grow up.

What are the benefits of giving children pocket money

1. Let children learn to shop by themselves. Parents may have experienced the scene where their children forgot to wear a red scarf at the school gate, and parents hurried to send them away. At this time, if the child has pocket money, he can solve this problem by himself in the store in front of the school. Let children know the denomination of banknotes and calculate the amount by themselves through independent shopping, and children will have a great sense of achievement. 2. Let the child have a sense of control. Think about how sad the children are when they go to the store to buy popsicles after school in the hot summer, and the children without pocket money can only watch others eat them! On the street, I met an old grandmother who was picking up rubbish. The child wanted to help the old man, but he had more than enough power. At this time, if he has his own pocket money in his bag, he can make his own decisions to help the elderly, and the sense of accomplishment of this matter will be remembered by the children for a lifetime. 3. Cultivate children's values ​​in money When children get pocket money, it is nothing more than buying small stickers, small cards, small snacks and other things on the small stalls. In the eyes of adults, these things may be meaningless, or even spend money indiscriminately, but for children, this is actually a very meaningful thing for him. You will understand that if you want something you like, you have to exchange it with the equivalent currency, and everything has value. At the same time, he can control the money in his own hands, and he can make the final call himself, which is actually cultivating the child's ability to be independent.

Some precautions for giving pocket money to children

1. Do not use children's responsibilities and obligations as rewards for pocket money. In order to improve their children's academic performance or hands-on ability, some family members will reward money with the level of test scores, or give 1 yuan for washing dishes, washing clothes, mopping once, and so on. Doing this will make children think that reading books and doing housework are helping their parents, and when there is no reward, they are unwilling to do it. 2. Children can be paid for extra work. Guo Jingjing taught her children to take the initiative to earn pocket money for their father's car washing, because car washing is no longer a child's responsibility and obligation. 3. The purpose of the money should be agreed with the child in advance. It can only be used to buy school supplies, healthy snacks, etc., and cannot be used to reward the anchor, invite people to do homework and other similar events. 4. Don't give too much money at one time. You can negotiate with your child in combination with the local consumption level, family situation, and the average amount of pocket money in the class. Some families whose economic situation is better will give their children a large amount of pocket money. In fact, this will bring many dangers to the children, such as being stolen, robbed, forced to treat guests and other unsafe events. 5. The time should not be too long. It is recommended that smaller children should be given once a week, and older children should be given once a month. Before children learn how to plan pocket money, it is easy to spend all the money at one time, and then they will ask their parents for it again when they have no money in the future. If parents do not give it, some children may obtain it through some bad methods, such as stealing money. Educator Merkel once said: "Money is a compulsory course in life and the focus of children's education, just as money is the focus of the family." Therefore, pocket money should still be given, as long as you pay attention to the above-mentioned points A detail, the role of pocket money must be more pros than cons.

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