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Women who use their "hands" are prone to gynecological diseases? Will it destroy the hymen? Time to know the answer

Posting time:2023-01-28 04:09:17

Women who use their "hands" are prone to gynecological diseases? Will it destroy the hymen? Time to know the answer

Today, the backstage received a private letter from a fan. She said this: I am 20 years old and my mother is single. I used to think that women have no desire, but then out of curiosity, I watched the "film" with my classmates. That night I had a dream of color, and then found that I really wanted to do "that thing" with a man, but I didn't have a boyfriend. I couldn't help it, so I entered my vagina with "hands"... Afterwards, I regret it very much. , I checked on the Internet about masturbation. Some people say that it will destroy the hymen, and some people say that gynecological diseases are easy to suffer from masturbation. Is it true? I'm so scared. The "sexual needs" that women are ashamed to express In daily life, men "jerk off", we have heard a lot, and we will tacitly understand such things as "every boy has a pack of tissues at the head of his bed". What are the paper towels on the bedside for boys? But what about women's "sexual needs", whether in life or on social networks, we rarely see women expressing their needs boldly. Due to various factors such as traditional concepts, women are defaulted to have no "sexual needs". "Women don't need to masturbate. A study published by Indiana University in the United States shows that 82% of men aged 20-24 have masturbated within a year, but only 64% of women of the same age have done so. Obviously all people have sexual needs, why is there such a big gap between male and female masturbation percentages? I personally think that, on the one hand, it is the shackles of traditional dross, that female masturbation is immoral, and once masturbation destroys the hymen, women are "unclean"; The reason is that germs are more likely to enter the human body through the vagina, leading to the occurrence of various diseases, and some people will be afraid of getting sick because of it. Female masturbation, the hymen will be destroyed? The hymen is a hollow membrane covering the external opening of the female vagina. Both sides of the membrane are moist mucous membranes. There are capillaries, nerve endings and connective tissue between the mucous membranes. Different people have different shapes, thicknesses, and depths of the hymen, but it should be noted that normal hymens have holes. If there are no holes, menstruation may not be normal. The hymen itself is not particularly "tough". Once it is inserted by a hard object or the lower body suffers a strong collision, it may cause damage to the hymen. Fingers are relatively hard "columns". If they are forcibly inserted into the position of the hymen, it is very likely to destroy the hymen. However, if the fingers stay in front of the position of the hymen or only touch the vulva, the hymen may be destroyed. Not much sex. In fact, women do not necessarily need to insert their hands into the vagina to obtain sexual pleasure. By slowly stroking and pressing the clitoris, they can basically have a good experience. Women are more likely to get gynecological diseases if they use "hands" themselves? Regarding whether women can comfort themselves with their hands, the reason why some people worry is that "masturbation is easy to get gynecological diseases", is this true? It can only be said that when using "hands", as long as the hands are clean, the lower body is clean, and the frequency is appropriate, then there is little possibility of suffering from gynecological diseases. Women may suffer from gynecological diseases with their own hands, mainly in the following two types: Vaginitis: If the "hands" do not take good hygiene measures, then the bacteria are likely to enter the vagina through the fingers, and the microecological balance in the vagina will be affected. If it is broken, the possibility of vaginitis will be greatly increased. Urinary tract infection: If the hands are not clean enough, and there are various pathogens, then when the pathogen invades the mucosa or tissue of the urinary tract, urinary tract inflammation can easily be caused, and urinary tract infection will occur naturally. All in all, under the premise of no sex life, women who masturbate are indeed more likely to suffer from gynecological diseases than those who do not masturbate, but as long as they maintain hygiene, the possibility of gynecological diseases is very small. In addition, if the hygiene measures are not taken, even if it is a normal sex life, the possibility of suffering from gynecological diseases will be very high, and it may even cause the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases. How can women "hand"? Masturbation is an important way to meet physiological needs. A pleasant "hands" experience will release women's body and mind, and their hormone levels can be better adjusted, but you must also know that everything must be done in moderation, and actions must be organized. .

1. Frequency of "hands"

Generally speaking, masturbation is not recommended every day, and the frequency is controlled once or twice a week Can. Don't use your hands for too long. After satisfying the pleasure, it is best not to perform the second time immediately. If you feel physically and mentally exhausted and weak on the second day after using your hands, and you have dull pain or numbness in the vagina and clitoris, you need to pay attention to whether you are overindulgence and abstain from sex in time.

2. "Hands" technique

If you are still a virgin and you are afraid that the hymen will be destroyed, then stop your hand at the vaginal opening, gently press and stroke The clitoris can be used, or it can be combined with the stroking and pressing of the upper chest; if not, then in addition to "hands", tools such as masturbation sticks can be used. Physiological needs, like food, drink, housing and transportation, are indispensable to everyone. Traditional concepts and personal shame should not be obstacles to women's pursuit of sexual satisfaction. Women's own "hands" is just the most normal way to solve physiological needs. It will neither cause serious damage to the body nor violate human relations. There is no need to cast aside, let alone fear, and let go of shame and guilt. , be honest with your desires.

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