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Tens of millions of people in our country suffer from gout, and the culprit is soy products? These 4 kinds of food should try not to put on the table

Posting time:2023-03-24 02:50:18

Tens of millions of people in our country suffer from gout, and the culprit is soy products? These 4 kinds of food should try not to put on the table

Xiao Ming is 30 years old this year. He is a gout patient at a young age. Every time he suffers from gout, he will regret that he ate soy products every day before he got gout. Eat in moderation and rarely try other foods, resulting in purines in the body, which are entangled by gout. Xiao Ming suffered from gout at a young age. Is it really just because of soy products? There are more and more patients with gout, and they are showing a younger trend. Gout is caused by abnormal purine biosynthesis and metabolism, or the inability to excrete uric acid in the body normally, resulting in an increase in the content of uric acid in the body and deposition of urate crystals in joints or other tissues. of recurrent inflammation. When gout attacks, any joint part of the patient may have an inflammatory reaction of redness, swelling, pain, and burning. In severe patients, the pain level is comparable to the tenth-grade pain that pregnant women endure during childbirth. In addition, gout is not only painful, it can also lead to joint damage and even kidney damage. Previously, pain has been considered a "middle-aged disease". However, data from the "2021 White Paper on Hyperuricemia and Gout Trends in my country" released last year showed that the prevalence of hyperuricemia among Chinese nationals was 13.3%, which means that on average, at least one person in every ten suffers from hyperuricemia. disease. The incidence of gout is 1.1%, and the number of people suffering from gout is as high as 14.46 million, indicating that one out of every 100 people in our country suffers from gout. Compared with previous years, these data show that the prevalence of hyperuricemia and gout in my country is getting higher and higher. In addition, the most surprising thing about this data is that nearly 60% of hyperuricemia and gout patients are young people aged 18-35, which shows that the incidence of gout in my country is still showing a younger trend. Gout is no longer the "middle-aged and elderly disease" that people used to think. Are soy products really the culprit behind "gout"? Soy products refer to foods made from soybeans through certain processing. Soy products have high nutritional value and relatively low prices. They have always been loved by many people and are frequent guests on people's tables. However, in recent years, due to the increasing number of people with gout, beans containing a large amount of purine have become the target of many people's crusade. Many people say that soy products are the "culprit" that causes gout in the human body. This statement correct? 80% of the purines in the human body are metabolized by the body itself, and only 20% are ingested through food. It is very one-sided to say that you suffer from gout because you eat too many soy products. Moreover, when making soy products, it often needs to go through steps such as soaking and high-temperature cooking. These steps will destroy and lose the purines in soybeans to a certain extent. . The real culprit of gout may be bad living habits. With the development of economic life, smoking and drinking, eating seafood frequently, not exercising, eating irregularly and not paying attention to healthy diet, etc., are the normal state of many young people, and these bad habits Habits are likely to be the culprit behind abnormal purine metabolism and elevated uric acid.

1. Smoking and drinking

As we all know, tobacco contains a lot of harmful chemicals, and alcohol is very irritating to the human body . Long-term smoking and drinking can not only lead to abnormal uric acid excretion, but also be extremely harmful to the body.

2. Eating seafood without restraint

Seafood contains extremely high levels of purines. If you eat seafood without restraint, the intake of purines will easily be too high, which will cause the human body to take a short time. The ingested purines cannot be excreted normally and accumulate in the human body, thereby affecting the normality of uric acid.

3. Inactivity

Inactivity or too little exercise will lead to a decline in physical fitness and may lead to abnormal uric acid excretion.

4. Irregular diet

I love to eat high-calorie foods and overeating, it is difficult not to be obese, and obesity may lead to abnormal uric acid excretion.

5. Staying up late

Staying up late is an activity that is extremely harmful to the body. Staying up late for a long time will affect metabolism, resulting in abnormal uric acid excretion and gout attacks. In order to prevent gout, put these 4 kinds of food less on the table

1. Beer

is not high in alcohol content, and it is not easy to get drunk. It is currently people’s favorite Because of this, some people drink beer uncontrollably, which leads to an increasing burden on the liver and affects the function of the liver, which leads to abnormal excretion of uric acid and causes gout. At the same time, beer is one of the representatives of high purine, which itself increases the risk of gout.

2. Seafood

Seafood has high nutritional value and is delicious, and it is not easy to cause obesity. It is a favorite food of many people, but seafood contains a lot of purines. Long-term consumption, once a large amount of purine cannot be excreted in time, then uric acid will increase, and the possibility of gout attack will increase.

3. Internal organs

The internal organs are rich in vitamins and trace elements and have high nutritional value, but it should be noted that most internal organs are high in cholesterol and purine , not only will increase the burden on blood vessels, but also increase the content of uric acid.

4. High-sugar foods

High-sugar foods contain a lot of sugar, which will not only lead to obesity and lower blood sugar, but also promote the formation of uric acid in the body. resulting in abnormal uric acid. With the arrival of summer and the high incidence of gout, gout patients must pay attention to correct bad habits, adjust their diet and work and rest, and at the same time pay attention to seeking help from a doctor, and under the guidance of a doctor, reduce the level of uric acid correctly.

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