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Mosquitoes love to bite people with type O blood? In fact, these three types of people are more likely to attract mosquitoes

Posting time:2022-10-06 00:57:09

Mosquitoes love to bite people with type O blood? In fact, these three types of people are more likely to attract mosquitoes

In summer, the most unbearable thing is not the high temperature, but more and more mosquitoes. If you are not careful in outdoor activities, you will be bitten all over your head. After mosquito bites, the skin will react quickly, itching symptoms will appear, and some people will repeatedly scratch with their hands, which will also damage the skin. And what is the reason for attracting mosquitoes should be understood, and effective methods should be taken to repel mosquitoes and reduce the chance of being bitten. So, are people with type O blood more likely to attract mosquitoes? There is a common saying that people with blood type O are more likely to attract mosquitoes than people with other blood types. Under the same conditions, people with blood type O seem to be more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. However, from the current research, mosquitoes cannot identify the blood type of humans, which means that there is no relationship between mosquito bites and blood type preferences. What really provokes mosquitoes is other factors. Don't fall into the misunderstanding. Only by understanding the real reason can you better prevent mosquito bites. What conditions attract mosquitoes?

1. Wearing dark clothes

What really attracts mosquitoes is other factors, such as the color of the clothes. Everyone's clothing and preferences are different, but because mosquitoes have poor eyesight, more conspicuous colors are helpful for mosquitoes to judge. Under the same conditions, choose darker, brighter clothes, which are easy to absorb heat in the sun, and higher temperature will attract mosquitoes. With the stimulation of bright clothes, mosquitoes can be better identified. If you want to reduce the chance of mosquito bites, you should wear light-colored, non-dazzling clothing when you go out during the day.

2. Scent of perfume

Many people wear perfume on their bodies, or wear makeup to maintain a refined appearance, and it happens that the use of these products makes the body smell more complex . In the process of biting people, mosquitoes mostly rely on smell to find objects, because mosquitoes have poor vision, and their sensitive sense of smell can find the bite object. If you often use various makeup products, or spray perfume on your body, these obvious smells can locate mosquitoes, and they are easy to be bitten later.

3. Obese and sweaty

Obese people have a greater chance of being bitten by mosquitoes, because the accumulation of fat in the body of obese people is relatively The body temperature is high and the breathing rate is fast. In the summer, the body will produce more carbon dioxide in the process of sweating. Mosquitoes can accurately identify the airflow formed by the carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body, so as to locate and track. After a lot of physical activity, the body is emitting heat and continuously metabolizing. At this time, the possibility of being bitten by mosquitoes is the greatest. Therefore, those who sweat frequently or are overweight are more favored by mosquitoes and should reduce sweating and maintain weight control. In order to avoid mosquito bites, it is necessary to understand what conditions will attract mosquitoes, eliminate the influencing factors, and spend a pleasant summer naturally.

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