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What oil is the least healthy? Don't eat these 3 kinds of oil, tell your family quickly

Posting time:2022-10-06 02:58:28

What oil is the least healthy? Don't eat these 3 kinds of oil, tell your family quickly

In the cooking process, it is indispensable to add edible oil, whether it is stir-frying or cooking meat, adding edible oil can make the dishes more oily and full of oil aroma, thus stimulating the flavor of the food. There are many types of edible oils on the market, including soybean oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, peanut oil, olive oil, etc., but you should know which oil is unhealthy and choose the most suitable one for you. Many people have a misunderstanding that the more expensive the edible oil sold on the market, the better, which means that it contains important nutrients. In fact, when buying edible oil, you should first understand the shelf life. In addition, according to the type you need, choose a regular manufacturer. As long as the source is clear and meets the production standards, it will not cause harm to the body after correct use. Of course, there is no such thing as the most unhealthy food for the regular production of edible oils. Instead, those edible oils whose sources are unclear and have potential safety hazards will only cause diseases if they are eaten too much. Which edible oils are better to eat less?

1. Oils that have passed the expiration date

should be eaten sparingly. For example, edible oils that have passed the expiration date are very It is difficult to ensure its safety. If it is opened for too long and the storage conditions are not good, it may breed bacteria, and continue to use it to cook food to obtain substances that are harmful to health. Some edible oils will become moldy and produce carcinogens if they are stored for too long. Some people do not understand the specific shelf life of these edible oils, and they will not be used up in a short time, which may become a catalyst for various diseases.

2. Oil for frying food repeatedly

Do not continue to use the cooking oil for frying food in the future. Some people fry food in order to save money. The cooking oil continues to be used, repeatedly used for frying other foods, and subsequently used for stir-frying. In fact, the repeated use of cooking oil after repeated heating and cooling will produce a variety of carcinogens, and continue to use it to cook other foods will damage the human body. If you want to protect the digestive system and prevent disease from entering the mouth, it is best to use cooking oil once. Throw away the cooking oil used for frying things, but don't be too frugal.

3. Self-pressed oil

is self-pressed without quality inspection. The safety factor of formally produced rapeseed oil is low and cannot be guaranteed for quality. to influence. Although the edible oil squeezed by oneself does not have other additional additives, due to the simple operation and no filtration, sterilization and other processes, it may contain a lot of impurities after squeezing, and even produce other harmful substances. Without regular removal of harmful substances, using these self-pressed rapeseed oil for a long time to cook food will also cause harm to the body, as well as the possibility of poisoning and liver damage.

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