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Why do people have moles on their bodies? Sort out these 3 major reasons, be careful of malignant changes

Posting time:2022-10-06 01:54:25

Why do people have moles on their bodies? Sort out these 3 major reasons, be careful of malignant changes

Black moles appearing on the body are the most common benign skin tumors in humans. Due to the increase of melanocytes in the dermis and dermis, there will be special skin manifestations, which are divided into various types according to different locations. Of course, some people have black moles on multiple parts of the body, and some people have very few moles. What is the difference should be discussed to understand why these moles appear on people's bodies.

1. Environmental factors

The appearance of moles on people's bodies may be the result of environmental factors. The human body itself is composed of countless cells, and under the influence of adverse factors for a long time will cause endocrine changes, the melanocytes are in an active state, and the amount of melanin production is increasing, so moles appear. Especially after aging, the body's environment changes, the function of major organs decreases, the body's metabolism becomes slow, and the number of melanocytes in the skin increases under the influence of stimulation, so the existence of moles can be seen in many parts of the body. Need to live in a good environment, while keeping the internal environment normal.

2. Disease development

The influence of certain diseases can cause black moles to appear on the body, especially skin lesions. Some people's moles are actually melanomas, which are precancerous lesions of the skin, and their continued development can lead to skin cancer. If you find a black mole that suddenly exists on your body, increases in size in a short period of time, develops rapidly, or even rises above the surface of the skin, with pus and ulceration on the surface, and various discomforts, it is probably caused by a disease. It is a skin disease warning, and you should go to the hospital for a detailed examination as soon as possible. Of course, some people who have liver disease will also issue an alarm through skin changes, and symptomatic treatment should be identified after the type.

3. Genetic factors

The appearance of moles on most people is related to genetic factors. Pigmented moles that grow congenitally are benign skin lesions and will not cause harm to the human body. Injury, no special treatment required. When both parents have these black moles, the probability of their children being inherited increases. It may be observed that these moles are present in many parts of the body at birth, and other factors will affect the subsequent growth and development process. These Black moles disappear or increase in number. But as long as there are no skin lesions, no special treatment is required. From the above content, it can be seen that it is normal for black moles to appear on the body, and most moles are stable in nature and develop slowly. They may be present at birth and will not change for a long time. However, ordinary moles should be distinguished from black moles caused by skin lesions, which are different in nature, development speed, and appearance characteristics. If it is caused by a disease, it should not be underestimated. It should be checked as soon as possible, and it should be controlled as soon as possible through follow-up cooperation with treatment.

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