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These 5 parts are always sweating, it may be that the internal organs are "sick", not a trivial matter

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These 5 parts are always sweating, it may be that the internal organs are "sick", not a trivial matter

Sweating is normal and most people don't treat it as a special case. Because the temperature rises in hot summer, the amount of sweating naturally increases in order to regulate body temperature. In addition, there is a lot of heat released during exercise, so you will sweat constantly. However, if it is not the sweating caused by these conditions, but abnormal sweating in some parts, you need to be alert to problems with internal organs and deal with them as soon as possible to improve the performance of sweating.

1. Back

The back sweats a lot during sleep, with characteristics similar to night sweats, which is likely to be caused by reduced kidney function . The kidney is an important organ of the body, and good living habits and good physical quality can make the kidney function normally. However, some people have symptoms of kidney deficiency. Under the influence of kidney deficiency, the symptoms such as soreness and weakness of the waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, loss of libido, and night sweats are obvious. Kidney deficiency can be improved through diet, drug conditioning, etc.

2. The function of the spleen and stomach is poor in the chest

. In addition to reduced digestion and abnormal defecation, some people will also sweat specially, especially in the chest. It is often sweaty without being affected by the environment, and it is necessary to be alert to the disharmony of the spleen and stomach. A healthy spleen and stomach can ensure smooth digestion, timely absorption of nutrients, and at the same time allow the body to generate moisture and excrete harmful substances. If you often eat inappropriately, neglect to keep warm, and exercise insufficiently, the function of the spleen and stomach will get worse and worse, and then there will be related disease characteristics.

3. Head

A person's head is the place with the most yang energy, but if there is no exercise or high ambient temperature causes sweating, inexplicable sweat secretion If the amount is too large, it is likely that the yang qi is weak. Many people who eat improperly for a long time will cause a strong stomach fire, in addition to loss of appetite, bad breath, and special sweating of the head. In this case, you should reduce the stomach fire in time, choose light, easy-to-digest foods to provide nutrients, and avoid spicy food during the eating process.

4. Forehead

According to the sweating situation, the health level can be roughly judged. If there is a lot of sweating on the forehead, it is necessary to judge whether the liver is damaged. As an important organ, the liver is responsible for the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of harmful substances. However, many bad habits can lead to hyperactivity of liver yang. Under its influence, the forehead sweats a lot, and many people also suffer from insomnia, bad breath, and reduced digestive ability. , are related to liver problems. Active conditioning is required to restore normal liver function while protecting liver cells.

5. People with lung qi deficiency in the nose

often show nose sweating, their own nose sweat glands are not developed, and they rarely see nose sweat when sweating elsewhere Much secretion. However, some people have not done a good job in maintaining their lungs. Under the influence of lung qi deficiency, the function of this organ is reduced, and the circulation and metabolism cannot be maintained well. The common features are asthma, poor breathing, and profuse sweating of the nose.

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