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Thousands of boiling water, overnight water and electric kettle water, drinking too much will cause cancer? make no mistake

Posting time:2022-10-06 02:31:35

Thousands of boiling water, overnight water and electric kettle water, drinking too much will cause cancer? make no mistake

70% of the human body is water, and it is necessary to obtain water every day to maintain metabolism, good circulation, and normal blood flow to supply the organs in need, and the metabolism is fast, and harmful substances will be excreted as soon as possible. If the water intake is insufficient for a long time and the urine excretion is small, it may increase the prevalence of kidney disease. Of course, in terms of drinking water, you must master the method and choose the right water source. You should know clearly whether there are safety hazards in Qianboiling water, overnight water and electric kettle water.

1. Thousands of boiling water

The so-called thousand boiling water refers to water that has been boiled repeatedly. Many people feel that it is boiled once and then cooled. , and continue to heat, it will make the content of harmful substances in the water more, thus affecting the health of the body. From the relevant experiments and studies, repeatedly boiling Qianboiling water does not increase the nitrite content. Drinking Qianboiling water does not need to worry about acquiring toxic substances or causing cancer. But it is best to wait until the temperature is suitable to drink after boiling, do not boil the same pot of water repeatedly.

2. Overnight water

Overnight water refers to water that has been left for a long time. I dare not drink it, I think it will breed bacteria or produce other harmful substances. Frequent drinking of overnight water will become the fuse of the disease. In fact, as long as the overnight water is kept in good condition and in the correct container, it does not fall into dust or become contaminated with other harmful substances, and there is no need to worry about causing diseases after drinking it. Although the overnight water is placed for a long time, it will not produce substances that are harmful to human health due to the passage of time.

3. Electric kettle water

Electric kettle water is boiled water in an electric kettle. Many people dare not drink it because they feel that it will react with the electric kettle after heating , it is easy to dissolve harmful substances in the water, thereby affecting the health of the body. In fact, as long as the electric kettle is produced by a regular manufacturer and meets the specifications, it should be cleaned after purchase and then used to boil water, so that impurities and harmful substances in the water will not increase. Drinking the water boiled by the electric kettle does not cause cancer risk . Of course, if the electric kettle is used for too long and is polluted, the boiled water may affect health. What should I pay attention to when drinking water? There are many issues about drinking water that should be noted. In addition to choosing a safe water source, you should also control the amount of water. For the human body, a daily water intake of about 2000 ml can meet the demand, maintain circulation, and have a good metabolism. You can drink water at different time periods, instead of drinking a lot of water at one go. In addition, the water temperature should be controlled, and do not drink hot water, so as not to stimulate the mucous membrane and cause inflammation. Frozen ice water should not be drunk when the gastrointestinal function is weak and the humidity is heavy, otherwise there will be potential safety hazards. In addition, do not drink beverages as water. Many people rely on various carbonated beverages and fruit juice beverages. In addition to obtaining water, they will also provide other pigments, flavors, and additives. It will affect the fluctuation of uric acid index.

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