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Lubricants stay in women's bodies, will they get gynecological diseases if they don't wash? Pay attention to these 2 points before "doing things"

Posting time:2022-10-06 01:35:48

Lubricants stay in women's bodies, will they get gynecological diseases if they don't wash? Pay attention to these 2 points before "doing things"

If you want to have a high-quality sex life, you should master the skills, and at the same time control the frequency, and do not overindulge. In addition, problems should be solved in time. Some women show vaginal dryness, especially after menopause, the vaginal lubricating secretions are reduced, they will feel disharmony in their sexual life, and they are prone to pain. Some people use lubricants to improve their sense of well-being, but they don't know whether too much lubricant is harmful to the body. Let's learn more about it. If a woman has vaginal dryness during intercourse, it will indeed greatly reduce the quality of sexual life, and it is difficult for women to feel pleasure. In this case, lubricants can be used. Of course, the condoms that men usually use will also come with some lubricants, which can lubricate during sex, so that they can have a better experience. However, excessive amount of lubricant and frequent use will more or less stimulate the private parts, create a humid and airtight environment, and provide opportunities for bacteria to grow, which has a certain impact. If you leave it in the body without washing it, will it lead to gynecological diseases? Will the lubricant stay in the body and not clean it cause gynecological diseases? This question is what many women want to know. In fact, proper use of lubricants and proper cleaning of private parts after use can keep them dry and hygienic and avoid lubricant residues. However, if it is not washed after use, it is easy to increase the prevalence of gynecological diseases, among which the risk of vaginitis is increased, and some women have urinary tract infections, all because the parts are always moist after the lubricant remains, and some pathogenic bacteria It grows and reproduces continuously, and the number is increasing. When the body's resistance is weak, it may invade and cause diseases. What should I pay attention to when using lubricants?

1. Choose regular lubricants

In order to ensure safety, there are many points that should be paid attention to when using lubricants, such as choosing regular lubricants Lubricants produced by channels, don't be greedy to buy Sanwu products cheaply. Some lubricants are not officially produced, and there may be other additives in them. Long-term use is harmful to the body, and even becomes an allergen. Therefore, when purchasing, you should keep your eyes open and choose a lubricant with guaranteed quality and safety. Of course, the simpler the lubricant, the better. It is colorless, odorless, and relatively safe. Don't pursue novelty and choose other strange lubricants.

2. Pay attention to cleaning after use

Although lubricants can improve vaginal dryness in women and make the sexual life process smoother, after using lubricants It should be washed properly to avoid prolonged lubricant residues in the body. Cleaning needs to master the method, wash with flowing warm water, and the order should be appropriate. Follow the order from front to back to avoid bacterial growth and contamination of private parts. After cleaning, there is no excessive residue of these lubricants, which can improve the local moist environment and prevent diseases.

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