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Women with these 4 major abnormalities may be entering menopause, don't mistake them for disease treatment

Posting time:2022-10-06 01:57:10

Women with these 4 major abnormalities may be entering menopause, don't mistake them for disease treatment

Menopause is a hurdle that women have to face. At this age, the rate of aging accelerates, and the function of some organs begins to decline. It is necessary to face it with a calm attitude. Once related manifestations are found, actively adjust and delay aging through the development of good habits. , spend it safely. Some people's diseases appear because there are still various bad habits during menopause. If you have them yourself, it is better to correct them as soon as possible. What characteristics represent women entering menopause?

1. No menstruation

No menstruation is the most important change in female menopause. The ovarian function of women in this stage is normal, which can allow the regular secretion of estrogen, thereby promoting the shedding of the endometrium. Women have a few days each month, and menstrual cramps are often characteristic. However, after entering menopause, hormone levels drop, aging is accelerated, the endometrium is no longer shed, and there is no subsequent menstruation. As the main sign, once you find yourself with this change, it means moving to another stage.

2. Poor sleep quality

Poor sleep quality indicates that menopause is approaching. People who enter this stage will affect the endocrine due to changes in hormone secretion, and it is difficult for the nerve function to remain stable. Originally, when I was young, my sleep quality was high, I often slept late, and felt that I couldn't get enough sleep every day, but at this age, my mental state seemed to have improved, and it was difficult to sleep peacefully at night. If this is the case, coupled with hot flashes and sweating while sleeping, it may be a sign of menopause and should be treated well.

3. Mood swings

Mood swings are always fluctuating, don't think it's a change in your personality, or it may be a warning of menopause. At this stage, the influence of endocrine has made many women who were originally mild-mannered gradually become irritable. They are prone to lose their temper because of some small things, unconsciously have mood swings, and also accelerate aging invisibly, affecting the endocrine. And often negative emotions bring great stimulation and damage to the body. If you have this kind of change, it means that when you enter the menopause, you need to adjust your mentality in a variety of good ways, and try to control your emotions stably.

4. Bone pain

Menopausal women will have occasional pain in joints or bones. Many people find this pain very tense, and they are afraid that a serious disease is developing. It may actually be a drop in hormone levels that affects calcium absorption. The most important component of bones is calcium, and only a reasonable calcium supplement can maintain bone health. However, after the arrival of menopause, ovarian function decreases and the secretion of estrogen decreases, which will indirectly affect calcium absorption. If there is no focus on calcium supplementation to meet nutritional needs, calcium deficiency may lead to osteoporosis, and subsequent bones and joints in certain parts will be prone to pain. How to adjust? There are many ways to regulate menopause, such as diverting attention, cultivating interests, doing things you like to please your body and mind, and naturally eliminating negative emotions. Exercise properly during the day. Exercise not only regulates endocrine and improves resistance, but also increases fatigue and improves sleep quality at night. Of course, in terms of diet, master the method, mix meat and vegetables reasonably, focus on supplementing calcium, protein, vitamins, and nutrition to meet the needs, so as to pass the menopause safely.

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