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What if the arms are thick and strong? Teach you 3 actions to easily say goodbye to "bye bye meat"

Posting time:2022-12-03 09:34:25

What if the arms are thick and strong? Teach you 3 actions to easily say goodbye to "bye bye meat"

Obesity is a problem for many people. It is obvious that they are not overeating, but they have fat on many parts. In the summer season to show off their body, others wear shorts and skirts, but they can only wear long-sleeved clothes to cover up the fat on their bodies, especially Those women with thick arms and obvious flesh must use good methods to promote fat burning and make muscles strong.

1. One-arm stretching exercise

Everyone has a love for beauty. Take care of yourself and be in good shape. And some people have thick arms, a lot of fat, and even shaking their arms will find a lot of goodbye meat. These situations are related to improper diet and lack of exercise. In order to effectively eliminate fat, some simple exercises can be carried out appropriately, such as sticking to one-arm stretching exercises. The venue requirements are simple, choose a suitable yoga mat, put your arms on the floor pillow, and straighten your legs back to keep your body in the same straight line. Extend the right arm to the left, then lower the arm later, and keep the body straight during the movement, so that the muscles can be tightened correctly by exerting force. And this action is very simple, it can exercise multiple muscles, and can effectively stretch the back, chest, abdomen, etc. If you insist on doing this exercise, after a period of time, you will find that your arms will gradually decrease and your body will remain in perfect shape.

2. Palm cross exercise

Palm cross exercise is one of the projects to eliminate arm fat, and it can be performed on a yoga mat. Stand on the yoga mat, change from standing to squatting position, put your hands in front of your feet with the right amount of force, press down on the floor, cross your hands and move forward gradually, in a position similar to a push-up, pause for five seconds and then return to this position. action to return to standing. Repeated exercise of the arm cross exercise has a good effect. It can exercise the muscle groups in multiple parts of the arm, and can also relieve the situation of thick arms and a lot of fat on the waist. Of course, more energy is expended during the exercise, and you can also stretch your chest, back, abdomen, etc. Although it focuses on exercising the arms, other parts are also burning fat invisibly.

3. Weight-bearing swing arm exercise

If you want to control your weight and at the same time eliminate your body, you can choose to perform weight-bearing swing arm movement. The weight-bearing swing arm exercise is relatively simple, focusing on exercising the human arms. You only need to adjust your body to a straight state, with your elbows close to your sides, and your hands can hold heavy objects. Choose fitness equipment that suits you, and keep raising your arms. to shoulder level, then lower naturally. Repeating this action can achieve a good exercise effect. In addition to exercising the arm muscles, it can also enhance the strength of the lower back muscles and make the shoulder muscles more developed. If you follow the standard of action and insist on doing it, the energy will be gradually consumed, and the utilization rate of fat will be improved. You will find that the triceps and biceps are gradually developed. To sum up, if you want to improve the strength of your arms, you have to stick to some effective exercises. In the process of exercise, it not only promotes the circulation and metabolism of the whole body, but also improves the utilization of fat.

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