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Why is the skin still poor after regular maintenance? These 4 habits are very harmful to the skin, it is recommended to change them as soon as possible

Posting time:2023-01-31 13:58:23

Why is the skin still poor after regular maintenance? These 4 habits are very harmful to the skin, it is recommended to change them as soon as possible

It is understood that the skin is the largest organ in the human body, and keeping the skin intact and functioning well can prevent pathogens from invading. But more and more people make mistakes in skin care. Some habits that seem to be helpful to health are actually not recommended. If you have them yourself, correct them as soon as possible, otherwise the burden on the skin will increase and normal metabolism will be affected. Various problems occur after damage.

1. Wash your face with hot water often

If you want to maintain your skin, you can't be too blind, you should master the method. Some people think that washing their face with hot water can only be washed clean, because hot water has a stronger ability to remove oil than cold water, and they are habitually washing their facial skin with hot water in summer or winter. However, some people have weak skin stratum corneum and need to secrete oil to protect the skin. Frequently washing the face with hot water will excessively remove the oil, resulting in dry skin. Usually, they do not pay attention to the acquisition of moisture. If the skin is too dry, there will be discomfort. The correct way is to wash your face with cold or lukewarm water.

2. Excessive use of skin care products

Many people are accustomed to using various skin care products during skin care, and feel that the bigger the brand and the more expensive the skin care products, the better the effect , so blindly follow the trend, and even go beyond their financial ability to buy those high-end skin care products. In fact, everyone's skin is different, some people have dry skin, some people have oily skin, and different skins have different choices of skin care products. If you use skin care products too much for a long time, your skin will not tolerate and adapt, and you may experience flushing and itching after applying skin care products. In addition, excessive use of skin care products will also increase the burden on the skin, and this skin care method is not recommended.

3. Use multiple masks a day

to keep the skin hydrated, indicating that hydration is important, and there are many ways to hydrate, including getting enough water every day and applying masks occasionally , these are all ways to keep skin cells hydrated. Moisturizing work well, the skin wrinkles can be reduced. However, some people make mistakes in applying masks. They feel that they apply two or three masks a day. The higher the frequency, the more times the mask is applied, and the skin is naturally healthier after drinking enough water. , but is prone to problems.

4. Wrong sun exposure

Skin care is a science, and it is necessary to master the methods to keep the skin in the best condition. However, some people have the wrong skin care methods. They know that sun exposure promotes the synthesis of vitamins in the body, and blindly go to the sun without knowing the specific situation. If the intensity of ultraviolet rays outside is strong and the sun exposure time is long, the skin will be sunburned. Although it can synthesize vitamins, this way of basking in the sun is wrong, there is the possibility of sunburn, tanning, and even the intensity of ultraviolet rays will accelerate the aging of the skin.

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