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Shi Lijia: What's the matter with rubbing your eyes and seeing gold stars in your eyes?

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:31:11

Shi Lijia: What's the matter with rubbing your eyes and seeing gold stars in your eyes?

Have you ever had such an experience. After working and staring at the computer for several hours, your eyes are dry and uncomfortable, and you unconsciously rubbed your eyes with your hands. As a result, when you open your eyes again, there are some strange light clusters in front of you. This is actually the phenomenon of "optical illusion". What is optical illusion? The strange patterns you see when you rub your eyes can change and move at will without human control. Usually, they are not as regular as fractal patterns, and there is no repetition. People with good image thinking will also associate these patterns. to different plants or animals, this phenomenon is called phosphenes. That is, when we close our eyes and no light enters our eyes, we have a subjective perception of light or color. There are many forms of phosphenes, the most common of which is ophthalmoscopic phosphenes, which occurs when pressure is applied to the eyeballs with the eyes closed. The reason why rubbing the eyes produces phosphenes is because the pressure exerted by the fingers sends some false signals to the eyes, the retinal cells cannot distinguish the type of stimulus, mistaking them for light, causing them to activate in a light-like manner "wake". So we have those strange patterns in front of our eyes. In addition to rubbing your eyes, you may also experience phosphenes when you sneeze or cough violently. In addition, motion phosphenes can also occur when our heads are physically hit, which is what we often call "eyes of gold stars." Shilijia reminds everyone that optical illusion is a wonderful experience. It is not harmful to our body, but if you rub your eyes for a long time, the harm is very great! 1. Rubbing the eyes with hands is a bad habit. The bacteria on the hands will enter the eyes and cause eye inflammation; 2. Injuring the cornea, sharp objects such as nails will scratch the cornea accidentally; 3. Excessive force may also cause Astigmatism; if it is really necessary to rub, be sure to wash your hands first, then close your eyes and gently rub across your eyelids...

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