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Why can't people with high myopia do strenuous exercise?

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:29:47

Why can't people with high myopia do strenuous exercise?

The accelerated pace of modern life makes many people pay more attention to physical exercise. In their spare time, they will run, play basketball, climb mountains and other sports to enhance their physical fitness. For myopia prevention and control, increasing outdoor activity time itself is also strongly advocated. However, some types of exercise are not suitable for people with high myopia. We all know that myopia can be divided into several categories according to the degree: mild myopia within 300 degrees, moderate myopia between 300 degrees and 600 degrees, and high myopia over 600 degrees. The difference in the degree of myopia is not only reflected in the clarity of vision, but also in the length of the eye axis and the thickness of the retina. People with high myopia are forbidden to do strenuous exercise. People with high myopia generally cannot do strenuous exercise. The axial length of our normal people is about 23.5-24 mm, and the axial length of people with high myopia is generally longer than normal. According to the data, for every 300 degrees of myopia, the length of the axial length of the eye will increase by 1 mm. After the axis of the eye is elongated, the retina will become more fragile, the fundus of the eye will be more prone to a series of degenerative diseases, and its ability to withstand severe vibration will also be weakened. Therefore, when people with high myopia participate in vigorous sports such as football, basketball, diving, bungee jumping, boxing, etc., the external pressure changes sharply, and retinal tearing and detachment are prone to occur. If retinal detachment is not treated in time, it may also lead to blindness! People with high myopia cannot use their eyes at a high load. For people with myopia, vacations can easily aggravate the decline of vision, especially children and adolescents. Many parents don't understand. It is clear that the children's eyes are relaxed when they are not in class during the holidays, but why is myopia serious? This is because during the holidays, the regularity of eye use is disrupted, and the eyes are always in a state of heavy use, such as using mobile phones for a long time, watching TV, playing games and other eye-use behaviors. Therefore, the majority of myopic patients need to pay attention. Regardless of work, study or vacation, they must use their eyes reasonably, take more rest, and avoid high-load operation of the eyes, especially those with high myopia, whose eyes are fragile and prone to problems. What do people with high myopia need to pay special attention to? That is to do regular eye examinations to ensure eye health. People with high myopia may experience decreased vision, shadows in front of their eyes, or the feeling of floating mosquitoes and flashes in the corners of their eyes, all of which may be caused by the retina “alarming”. Routine eye exams are difficult to detect retinal problems. Therefore, according to Lijia's suggestion: people with high myopia should have a professional fundus and retinal examination every year, so as to detect hidden retinal risks in time, so as to avoid worries!

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