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6-month-old baby boy dies after drinking honey Why can drink over 1 year old but not under 1 year old

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6-month-old baby boy dies after drinking honey Why can drink over 1 year old but not under 1 year old

When the baby coughs, drink some honey water. Many parents have heard this, and the doctor has also said that it can be done. However, what many parents ignore is that the doctor said there are preconditions, that is, children over one year old can Drink, not under one year old! A 6-month-old baby boy in Japan died of botulism after being fed honey by his family So, since Botox is highly toxic, why is it okay for children over 1 year old to eat it, but not for children under 1 year old?

Learn about botulinum

The full name of botulinum is Clostridium botulinum, which can be found in soil and animal feces. Botox itself is not toxic. However, if it is in an oxygen-deficient environment, it goes dormant, spores and produces a toxin called botulinum toxin. It is currently one of the most poisonous substances known in the world.

Why is botox in honey?

Botox is mostly found in airtight cans, sausages, hams, pickled and fermented foods, why is it also found in honey? Small amounts of botulinum have been detected in natural honey, but no specific cause has been found in the literature. Experts speculate that the flowers were contaminated with botulism in the soil or animal feces, and the bees just collected the pollen and brought the pollen back to the hive along with the bacteria. Like most bacteria, botulinum is not heat-resistant. It can be killed by high-temperature treatment at 90°C for about 15 minutes. However, in order to preserve various active substances in honey, when processing honey, it is rarely treated with high temperature, so Botox contained in honey is "preserved". After these botulinum bacteria enter the human intestine, it may be transformed into propagules and colonized in the intestine, and then produce botulinum toxin, which will lead to human poisoning after the toxin is absorbed.

Who is vulnerable to poisoning?

It is not poisonous for adults to drink honey. This is because the amount of botulinum toxin detected in honey is very low. For adults, because of the strong stomach acid and various barriers in the digestive tract, such a small amount of botulinum toxin will not cause harm to the human body. But it's not so easy for babies and toddlers. Because the gastrointestinal tract of babies is not fully developed, the barrier function is weak, and the liver detoxification ability is poor. If Botox multiplies in the gut, even a tiny amount can poison a child. So this is the reason why babies under 1 year old cannot drink honey, even babies over 1 year old should drink as little as possible.

What are the symptoms of botulism

When botulism is ingested, symptoms usually appear 8-36 hours after consumption. Specific symptoms Including: nervous system: dizziness, blurred vision, difficulty opening eyes, etc., severe patients may also experience cranial nerve damage such as mydriasis, dry mouth, difficulty chewing, and difficulty breathing; digestive system: nausea and vomiting may occur Symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation and intestinal paralysis in severe cases; circulatory system: including chest tightness, heart pain, rapid heart rate, and symptoms of heart failure may occur in severe cases; in addition, some patients may also experience limb weakness, fever and other symptoms. For infants and young children, after eating honey or honey food, pay attention to whether the baby has symptoms such as constipation, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

How is botulism treated?

When botulism occurs, the patient needs to seek medical attention immediately. Food-induced lavage requires a quick gastric lavage to avoid the absorption of toxins in the body. If it is caused by a wound, the wound needs to be cleaned thoroughly. In short, these treatments need to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Some other tidbits about Botox

You may not have imagined that such a terrifying toxin has its magical effect.
  • Treatment of diseases
Because of its neuromuscular anesthesia effect, it can be used to treat facial spasms and other muscle movement disorders.
  • Anti-aging beauty artifact
What is even more surprising is that it is an artifact for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction in cosmetic surgery. Many celebrities rely on botulinum toxin injections to achieve the effect of eliminating wrinkles. However, due to the precise control of the injection site and dosage, it must be operated by a professional doctor. If it is not controlled properly, it can cause facial stiffness in mild cases, and facial paralysis in serious cases. Now that we have a comprehensive understanding of Botox, as long as we take precautions, Botox is no longer scary. Finally, parents are reminded to pay attention not to give honey and honey water to babies under 1 year old. If there is an elderly person at home to help you take care of the baby, be sure to send this article to him.

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