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No matter how hot it is, don't do these 5 things to your baby, it can seriously cause suffocation

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:08:36

No matter how hot it is, don't do these 5 things to your baby, it can seriously cause suffocation

This summer, most of the south has high temperatures, and many cities across the country have experienced ultra-high temperature weather of over 40 degrees Celsius. In the face of high temperature, parents have tried all kinds of ideas to cool their children and prevent heatstroke. However, no matter what tricks are used, these 5 things that seem to be beneficial to children, but are actually harmful, must not be done.

Cover the stroller with a blanket

The heat is unbearable, and many parents like to put a thin blanket over the stroller when they go out for a walk, in order to provide shade for the child. , sunscreen, after the epidemic, there is another function - anti-virus. As everyone knows, in the hot summer, this practice will bring great danger to the child in the stroller. "Sweden Daily" once did an experiment: under the scorching sun, the baby stroller was covered with a blanket, and after 1 hour, the temperature in the car rose by 15 degrees Celsius. Someone repeated the above experiment in a daily environment. The experimental site was a park with abundant green plants. The car was only covered with a small sheet of gauze. After 30 minutes, the temperature inside the car rose by 16.3 degrees Celsius. Compared with adults, the ability of infants and young children to regulate their body temperature is not fully developed, and their ability to regulate body temperature is poor, and they are easily affected by the surrounding environment. Once the temperature in the stroller rises, the balance of heat generation and heat dissipation in the child's body will be broken, and heatstroke, dehydration, and even coma in severe cases, and even sudden death syndrome will occur.

Shaved head

Some parents are keen to shave their children's heads on hot days. In traditional wisdom, it is also believed that shaving the head can make the hair grow darker and thicker. In fact, whether the hair is dark enough and thick enough depends on the structure of the hair follicle, so it is unscientific to attempt to make the hair darker and thicker by shaving the head. Not only will shaving your head not make your hair darker and thicker, it will also bring unexpected harm. Hazard 1: After shaving the hair follicles and scalp, the salt in the sweat will directly stimulate the scalp. Such stimulation will make the child feel itchy, and the child will scratch when it itches. If the child scratches the scalp, the bacteria will Homeopathy invades the roots of children's hair, destroys hair follicles, and may cause alopecia areata in severe cases. In addition, the hair attached to our skin is actually a "natural barrier" to protect the skin. When the child is in danger of being bruised, it can play a buffering role to prevent the child from bruising the head. Hazard 2: Children are more afraid of heat Parents feel that it is cooler for children to shave their heads, but in fact, children may be more afraid of heat because of shaved heads. Hair is a natural "temperature regulator" for a child's head. Once the child shaves his head, the "temperature regulator" loses its function, making the skin directly exposed to the air, catching up with the high summer temperature, and without taking sun protection measures, the child It may cause discomfort due to the high temperature of the head, and in severe cases, "solar disease" may occur (solar disease refers to a series of central nervous system dysfunction caused by direct sunlight on the patient's head, causing congestion and bleeding in the brain and meninges. ).

Wearing crotch pants

In summer, parents think that children wearing diapers will be more boring, prone to red buttocks, and it is not conducive to children's activities. Open crotch pants are cool and convenient. Wearing open-crotch pants has a very long history in my country, but this does not mean that wearing open-crotch pants is a correct thing. The hazards are obvious: Hazard 1: Causes urinary tract infections Children like to crawl and sit on the ground, and in daily life, It is difficult to guarantee the hygiene on the ground, and the exposed parts of the body are easily infected by germs. Especially for girls, wearing open-crotch pants can easily lead to urinary system diseases such as urethra and bladder. Hazard 2: Injuries to private parts and exposing privacy are the characteristics of infants and young children. Children will ignore them when they are tired and sit anywhere. Children who wear open crotch pants lose the protection of clothes and diapers, and external objects may hurt them. The child's private parts. Children are young, but they really don't understand everything. Sex education should start from the age of zero. Some adults have the bad habit of teasing and touching male baby's private parts. These are not good for children's physical and mental health.

Wear open-toed sandals

Sandals are acceptable in summer, but closed-toed sandals are recommended for children. The reason is that the child's movements are not flexible enough, the hand-eye coordination is not good, and the child is more active and active, wearing open-toed sandals, the child may hurt his toes when exercising. In addition, there is a special emphasis on sneakers. Crocs are especially popular with mothers because of their soft texture and easy to put on and take off. As everyone knows, its advantages are precisely its disadvantages. In recent years, there have been frequent accidents at home and abroad where children who wear sneakers are caught in elevators. Studies have shown that the real reason for the accident is that the sneakers are too soft, easy to deform, and easy to fall off.

Forcing children to drink more water

The weather is hot, and children tend to sweat a lot. When they see their children sweating profusely, parents are always worried that their children will be short of water. Water, therefore, will keep feeding children with water, but they do not know that excessive intake of water will be detrimental to the health of children. If the child drinks a lot of water at once, the body's water cannot be discharged in time, and the sodium ions in the blood will be diluted. The child is prone to vomiting, dizziness, and even convulsions, which can damage the nerves in severe cases. In addition, the child's stomach capacity is small. If the stomach is full of water, the food and milk will naturally be unable to eat, which will affect the child's nutritional intake, and a large amount of water will also dilute the digestive juice, thereby affecting the child's digestion and absorption of food. No matter how hot the weather is, these 5 things should never be done to children again. They really seem beneficial, but they are actually harmful.

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