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How often should sanitary napkins be changed? Can I still have the same room during my period? A lot of girls don't know

Posting time:2022-12-02 08:15:32

How often should sanitary napkins be changed? Can I still have the same room during my period? A lot of girls don't know

It is necessary to understand the physiological knowledge of women clearly, in order to choose the appropriate coping method according to the changes in the body, especially the points to pay attention to during the menstrual period. Many people make mistakes in hygiene and health maintenance, which can lead to disease. And those who have a good grasp of popular science and common sense will naturally deal with it properly and pass the menstrual period smoothly. So, how often should women's menstrual pads be replaced? When women reach the physiological period, hormone levels change, and the ovaries secrete estrogen, which causes the lining of the uterus to slough off, so menstruation occurs. There is no need to worry in the face of this change, as long as you have a good rest, pay attention to nutritional supplements and keep warm, and spend it naturally and safely. At this time, vaginal menstrual blood flow out, which will contaminate clothes and even breed bacteria. Sanitary napkins need to be used. These pads can keep private parts dry and hygienic. Many people don't know how often to change, and according to most people's menstrual changes, they should be replaced every six hours or so. Change it three times a day on average. In this way, you can avoid the contamination of menstrual blood or other metabolic wastes or cause the growth of bacteria, and create a good private part environment to prevent the occurrence of diseases. Some people have weak body resistance and do not care about hygiene issues, so the impact of infection by certain pathogens is unbearable. Can I have the same room during my period? For women with high libido, sexual arousal may occur during the menstrual period. And some people have raised questions, is it still possible to have the same room during the menstrual period? In fact, intercourse during menstruation is a very dangerous behavior. Women should prohibit it and choose other suitable times, which can not only improve the quality of sexual life, but also meet the needs of sexual nourishment. Because the biggest feature of the menstrual period is the flow of vaginal menstrual blood, which is easy to breed bacteria, and the poor physical condition of women during a special period of time will cause various discomforts, such as fatigue, dizziness, decreased appetite, dysmenorrhea, etc. Sex life will undoubtedly bring a greater burden. In addition, it is easy to cross-infection during sexual life. At this time, the cervix is ​​open. If some microorganisms, germs, etc. are allowed to enter, in addition to poor sexual experience, women may also develop gynecological diseases. When inflammation or certain infections appear, health is threatened. For safety reasons, you should avoid the physiological period, and don't blindly have sex during special periods. You can divert your attention and suppress your desire for sex. From the above content, it can be found that women should pay attention to various problems during their menstrual period. In addition to changing sanitary napkins in time, they should also pay attention to the problem of intercourse, which is strictly prohibited. In addition, those behaviors that cause harm to the body should be avoided, such as ingesting cold and cold food, blindly going swimming, staying up late or drinking alcohol, etc. These wrong behaviors can be corrected in order to maintain a healthy state.

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