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Do you really think "it's a blessing to be able to eat"? Everyone with a big appetite, pay attention to these 4 diseases

Posting time:2022-10-06 02:32:17

Do you really think "it's a blessing to be able to eat"? Everyone with a big appetite, pay attention to these 4 diseases

Most people feel that it is a blessing to be able to eat. The more you eat, the faster you grow, the nutrients the human body needs are provided, the natural resistance is strong, and it is not easy to get sick. In fact, people's appetite is limited, if you always feel hungry and eat a lot of things at each meal, you should suspect health problems. Some diseases will have this situation in the development. If the cause is not identified and reasonable treatment measures are taken, there will be unbearable adverse consequences. What diseases might a good appetite signal?

1. Diabetes

has too much appetite and needs to be vigilant. It may be that diabetes has invaded. Failure to maintain a good lifestyle at ordinary times, coupled with the continuous decrease of pancreatic islet function, will subsequently affect insulin secretion and thus blood sugar changes. When diabetes develops to a certain stage, many patients have better appetite, eat a lot of food at each meal, but do not gain weight, and may become thinner and thinner, plus numbness in limbs, itchy skin, dry mouth, and nocturia More manifestations, it may be that diabetes is already developing. Sugar substances cannot be consumed and utilized after obtaining food, so blood sugar will be too high, which will also affect the health of the digestive system. In addition, the blood vessels and the nervous system are continuously damaged, and the symptoms are obvious.

2. Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism occurs, which is mainly characterized by fast metabolism, increased sympathetic nerve excitation, and calorie consumption in the process of continuous metabolism. Appetite will increase greatly, you will eat a lot of food, but your weight will decrease, you will have a high frequency of bowel movements every day, you will also have insomnia, mood swings, and frequent sweating. Finding this change requires suspecting a thyroid health problem, checking to see if the body is secreting too much thyroid hormone, and treating it properly after the disease is diagnosed. These symptoms can only disappear if the body is properly adjusted to allow the thyroid hormone secretion to return to normal.

3. Hypothalamic syndrome

Hypothalamic syndrome is a group of syndromes characterized by endocrine and metabolic disorders, accompanied by psychiatric symptoms and autonomic nervous system symptoms. The hypothalamus can be damaged for many reasons, including tumors, trauma, congenital diseases, infections, etc. During the onset of endocrine dysfunction, patients often show loss of libido, hair loss, obesity, insomnia, excessive excitement and other changes. Many patients have increased appetite and ingested a lot of food during the onset. In this case, the disease should be suspected and checked as soon as possible.

4. Duodenal ulcer

After eating a lot of food at each meal, the appetite increases greatly, and duodenal ulcer is suspected. As a peptic ulcer that appears in the duodenal bulb, the incidence is higher than that of gastric ulcer. In the process of development, there is mainly fasting pain. The persistent infection of Helicobacter pylori will cause the disease to appear. During the development process, patients will feel pain when they are hungry. Therefore, they passively eat food and always eat when they are in pain to relieve discomfort. , due to the influence of this behavior, the patient's food intake increased.

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