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Is it bad for the body to eat oil frequently? These 3 kinds of condiments, usually eat less

Posting time:2022-10-06 01:01:31

Is it bad for the body to eat oil frequently? These 3 kinds of condiments, usually eat less

Seasonings are used in the daily cooking of food. These seasonings are used in the right amount to enrich the taste of the food, thereby attracting the taste buds. There are many types of seasonings, among which cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, monosodium glutamate, and oyster sauce are all commonly used. And which seasonings should be eaten less, there are potential safety hazards, and you should understand them clearly, otherwise you will be very cautious in food selection, but the wrong use of seasonings will also have an impact. Is it good or bad to eat oyster sauce regularly? Oyster sauce has a wide range of uses. Because of its full umami taste, it can be used to increase the flavor of food. Many foods are added with oyster sauce during the cooking process, which tastes better and tastes better. Whether it is good or bad to eat oyster sauce often depends on whether the usage and dosage are appropriate. After purchasing oyster sauce, use it correctly within the shelf life. Store the unfinished oyster sauce in the refrigerator to keep it fresh to ensure that it does not deteriorate. The amount of oyster sauce used is well controlled, and the food tastes richer. In addition, it will not obtain substances that are harmful to human health, and there is no need to worry about causing health problems. Which seasonings are better to use sparingly?

1. Chili

Some seasonings should be eaten as little as possible, otherwise it will affect the body, such as chili. Chili is the representative of seasoning. Many foods taste spicy because of the addition of chili. There are many varieties and different degrees of spiciness. Although eating chili can warm the body and supplement capsaicin and vitamin C at the same time, eating too much chili has health risks. The reason why many people get angry, damage the gastric mucosa, and even fluctuate in blood pressure and constipation is because of too much chili. For those who do not like spicy food, they wish to add chili to all dishes in every meal, but this behavior will have an impact on the body, and sometimes certain inflammatory diseases will occur, and eating too much spicy food will worsen the disease.

2. Sodium salt

Whether it is cooking soup or stir-frying, salt is an important seasoning, which can make the original bland ingredients delicious. However, healthy people should not consume more than six grams of sodium per day, and those with high blood pressure or developing kidney disease should not exceed five grams. If the use of salt is inappropriate and corrected in time, too much sodium will be obtained, and the sodium ions will not be excreted smoothly after being provided, which will lead to fluctuations in blood pressure and increased metabolic pressure on the kidneys, which may cause diseases. It can be seen that the seasoning method should be used properly, and the salt should not be eaten too much.

3. White sugar

White sugar is a kind of condiment, some foods are sweet, except for maltose, honey, etc., which can be seasoned, most people I will choose white sugar, because white sugar is high in sweetness and cheap. But it is precisely because of the inappropriate usage and dosage of white sugar that many people have high blood sugar and even gain weight. Too much sugar will accelerate the glycation reaction of the skin, and the impact will be obvious. Although sugar can provide energy, it should not be obtained too much, and it should be relied on for a long time. It is better to eat less white sugar in the process of seasoning. In this way, we can avoid diseases and promote health.

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