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Usually like to sweat, is it weak or detoxification? These 3 kinds of sweating are abnormal and should not be taken lightly

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Usually like to sweat, is it weak or detoxification? These 3 kinds of sweating are abnormal and should not be taken lightly

Sweating is a very common manifestation in life, especially in hot summer, when the temperature in many places exceeds 35 degrees Celsius. Under the influence of high temperature weather, you will sweat at every turn. You need to pay attention to cooling down and change to clean clothes. In addition, people who like to exercise constantly generate heat during exercise, and also adjust their body temperature through sweating. These will not cause harm to the body, as long as they add more water. However, some people sweat all over at every turn. Is it physical weakness or detoxification? Sweat all over at every turn, but not affected by exercise or changes in ambient temperature, it may be a health problem. Some diseases are developing and may be warned by specific sweating manifestations. Some people are weak, they will sweat cold, and they are prone to night sweats when they sleep. In these cases, the specific reasons should be understood. If the disease is developing, it is better to treat it as soon as possible. However, many people regard sweating as detoxification. They think that the more sweat, the healthier they are, and the harmful substances can be excreted as soon as possible. However, detoxification is a pseudo-concept, and there are not many toxic substances, so don’t fall into the misunderstanding. Which sweating conditions need to be alert to diseases?

1. Sweating with fear of heat

Some sweating is the development of a disease, especially for a long time with fear of heat and sweating, and at the same time If you have mood swings, weight loss, and changes in the frequency of bowel movements, you should suspect a thyroid health problem. The thyroid gland maintains a good function and has enough thyroid hormones to secrete. However, if the disease invades and excessive thyroid hormone secretion leads to hyperthyroidism, during the development period, the patient will have changes such as accelerated metabolism and sympathetic nerve excitation, which will affect the production of heat. Much more, usually afraid of heat and sweating, and need to be treated for thyroid disease.

2. Cold sweats

Special sweating of the body should also determine whether diabetes is developing. Diabetes is a chronic disease, and its harm can be imagined. The continuous development of multiple organs reduces the function, and it also affects the functions of blood vessels and nerves. Some people's hypoglycemic drugs and improper use of insulin will significantly reduce blood sugar in a short period of time, and then have hypoglycemic reactions. The common manifestations are cold sweats, palpitations, and dizziness. Of course, high blood sugar can also cause abnormal function of the nerves associated with the sweat glands, and many patients will show special sweating.

3. Night sweats

The special sweating of the body may be a manifestation of kidney deficiency. The maintenance of good kidney function is inseparable from the development of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition to meet needs, work and rest Regular, strengthening exercise, correct medication, these precautions can reduce the damage to the kidneys. However, if kidney disease develops and its function gradually declines, both kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency will pose a threat to health. Many patients suffer from persistent kidney deficiency. The main feature is night sweats. When they enter the sleep state, they sweat a lot, and then the sweating stops after waking up. This phenomenon is also abnormal and needs to be adjusted to enhance kidney function as soon as possible.

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