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Parents, pay attention, don't step on these "pits" of myopia

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:47:24

Parents, pay attention, don't step on these "pits" of myopia

Myopia has become a very common phenomenon in life. Due to the use of electronic products, more and more children are affected by myopia, which will not only affect children's academic performance, but also affect their physical and mental health and future career choices. Therefore, in daily life, parents must pay attention to their children's vision health, and take preventive and preventive measures against myopia. Misunderstanding 1: Children need to check their eyesight only after they go to school. Many parents feel that their children learn to use their eyes after they go to school, so they only need to check their eyesight. In fact, after the age of 3, if the child can recognize the vision chart and cooperate with the vision measurement, he can carry out a preliminary vision examination. It is recommended to perform vision screening every 3-6 months. Parents can buy a standard vision chart and hang it on the wall at a distance of 5 meters. Let the child identify. In life, if parents find that their children are squinting, tilting their heads, rubbing their eyes, or watching TV at close range, they should pay attention and take their children to a professional eye health institution for examination in time to establish a refractive development file. Misunderstanding 2: The child's degree of myopia is not high, it must be pseudo-myopia. Some people think that the child is young and the degree of myopia is not high. It must be pseudo-myopia, which can be cured in the future. Pseudo-myopia refers to the temporary loss of vision caused by excessive use of the eye at close range and the adjustment of the ciliary muscle of the eye. After rest or visual training, vision can return to normal. However, in comprehensive optometry, if the degree of myopia has been detected, it is no longer a pseudo-myopia that adjusts tension. Therefore, when the child has vision loss, it is very necessary to conduct an optometry examination in time. Misunderstanding 3: You don't need to wear glasses when you see near, but only when you see far. Myopic eyes need to be adjusted when wearing glasses to see near. By adjusting the focal length of the eyes, the focus of the light is moved from a distance to the close-up objects we are looking at, so that we can see clearly. In the case of myopia without glasses, the focal length of the eyes is close, and the eyes can be lazy and can see clearly without adjustment, but the adjustment function of the eyes will decline for long-term lazy eyes, and it will also affect the ability of the eyes to cohere. Normal In this state, when looking near, the eyes will turn inward to a certain extent, which is the cohesive function. Therefore, myopic children should wear glasses regardless of whether they can see far or near. Misunderstanding 4: Children who wear glasses or deepen the degree of myopia in the period of physical development, if there is no intervention and control, the eye axis will continue to increase with the physical development, and the degree of myopia will continue to deepen. So the root cause of myopia deepening is not because of wearing glasses. The eye axis and the degree of myopia are constantly changing, and an optometry examination should be carried out every six months, and the glasses with the appropriate degree should be replaced in time. Misunderstanding 5: Myopia surgery can cure myopia Some parents do not realize the seriousness of myopia, and simply think that their children can be cured by myopia surgery when they become adults. Myopia surgery is actually a cure for the symptoms but not the root cause. The surgery can only remove the glasses, but does not change the fundus. On the surface, the degree of myopia disappears, but the risk of fundus lesions in high myopia will not be reduced. Therefore, prevent children from myopia and control the increase in myopia degree. , is the most important.

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