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Shilijia: Will the eyes be tired after using the privacy film for a long time?

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:40:36

Shilijia: Will the eyes be tired after using the privacy film for a long time?

The phone does not have a password, it is equivalent to "running naked". Many people choose to stick a privacy film on their mobile phones in order to protect themselves from being seen by others when they browse the pages while playing with their mobile phones. Recently, topics such as "anti-peep film hurts eyes" and "doctor reminds that using anti-peep film for a long time will cause visual fatigue" have been on the hot search. A netizen described the experience of eye discomfort and blurred vision after using a mobile phone privacy film, which aroused widespread concern and discussion among netizens. According to ophthalmologists, vision loss and blurred vision are usually caused by a combination of factors. Although there is no relevant evidence to directly prove that it is caused by a privacy film, too bright or too dark a mobile phone screen is very harmful to eye health. Adverse. Staring at the screen of electronic products for a long time may cause visual fatigue, and long-term visual fatigue may also develop various eye diseases. So in our daily life, how should we protect our eyes? Develop good eye habits Good eye habits are an important way to protect the eyes. When we use electronic products, we should pay attention to maintaining the correct posture and distance. The distance between the eyes and the electronic screen should not be too close; avoid the environment with eyes Too bright or too dark; when using the eyes for a long time, the eyes should be properly rested and relaxed for more than 40 minutes. Appropriate use of appropriate eye protection products Every day using your eyes will inevitably make your eyes feel tired. While paying attention to rest, you can choose some eye protection products appropriately, such as eye patches to eliminate visual fatigue, eye protection spray to prevent screen blue light, etc., to help We take better care of our eyes. To maintain adequate sleep and balanced nutrition, reduce staying up late, go to bed early and get up early to ensure sleep quality and sleep time. In addition, in terms of diet, it is recommended to consume more foods rich in lutein and vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables; at the same time, try to avoid excessive sugar intake. Regular eye-related examinations No matter whether you are shortsighted or not, it is best to do eye-related examinations every six months to understand your eye condition. If a problem is found, it is also convenient to take relevant measures in a timely manner.

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